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8th Dec 2002, 16:03
I'm unable to contact Tommy Tomb Raider. Does anyone know a way to contact him? I like to add his outfits to the trle search engine, but not without permisson from him. And I also noticed many broken download links on his site (5 from the 6 I tried).

And if you have any of his outfits on your pc, please tell me which ones cause I'm trying to get as much trle downloads on my pc (so far got 45mb of zipped stuff, total 160 items).

8th Dec 2002, 18:19
Last I heard, he was having computer problems.

8th Dec 2002, 20:34
I have his head mesh, dress mesh (But it was glitchy so I fixed it) Dark sky, Ranger, Desert cameo, Wetsuit, 7 of Croft... I think thats all I have of his.

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