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12th Feb 2013, 17:13
for those who dont know, there are two versions of kingdom hearts 1, 2, and birth by sleep. they are known as, the final mixes.
the final mixes are basically directors cuts for the games stated above. the reason why you dont know about them is because they never had any english releases.
the games are exactly the same but there's just one major difference, the final mix has more features in the game, and new title screen art.
for those who want more information, check my thread

12th Feb 2013, 22:11
Tell me more. What features?

12th Feb 2013, 22:36
Just going to pop up here and help out the OP a little.

Basically, the Final Mix games are re-releases of the KH games that have bonus content. Kinda like a directors cut, but not exactly. Think about the international releases of the FF games (the NA release of the games rereleased in Japan as an improved version of the games), but with even more content. They can have extra bosses, extra cutscenes, extra items, new enemies, recolors of heartless, etc. They also have English voice acting, but all the text is Japanese.

13th Feb 2013, 08:43
Features of the bonus content for Japan is English voices, the additional bosses we received and sometimes more, more Keyblades, armor, staves, sheilds, more cut sceens, better story devolpment, more secrets revealed about the next game

13th Feb 2013, 16:18
I didnt know if i could explain it very well, so thanks for that

14th Oct 2013, 16:27
Anybody who played the Japanese Versions of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix knows that there is one very subtle yet comfortable change to gameplay different from the US/EU Versions. Circle Button is Attack and X Button is Jump, instead of the international Circle Button Jump X Button Attack. Even in I.5 ReMIX, they Swapped them internationally again, but forgot to swap the Gummi Ship Controls from Circle Attack. Why?!?! I know it may seem nit picky, but it really makes a huge difference during gameplay! On the PS2 Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, the Controls are Perfect! Especially with Reaction Commands! Plus, Birth by Sleep Final Mix PSP AND all of the DS games use that Comfy Control Scheme. Can this please just stop being flip-flopped Square? I'm NOT the only one who's noticed, just the only one to Post something about it.....

14th Oct 2013, 21:59
Maybe other people did notice, but has too much stars in their eyes and excitement at playing Kingdom Hearts on PS3 that they hardly care enough to make a post about it. Most people just have one copy of a game on a game system, they may notice the obvious differences from the PS2 version, but they adjusts to the controls without a fuss because they love the game and this is the Final Mix that Americans never got to play before, so maybe they just play along, thinking it's supposed to be different. I don't own a Japanese copy of the game, but the only difference I was able to detect on my English copy is that the controls were now the same as Kingdom Hearts 2's, with the triangle reaction command and triangle talk to people, examine objects and open chests.