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Tomb Raider Fan
7th Dec 2002, 21:20
I have in my tga set 2 tiles which r 4 bars going down on one of the tiles and the other is like a gate but they aint see through. They havn't got the pink background that enables you to make it a see through barrier or gate all it is is black. And i havn't got any kind of paint shop pro to change this. so could someone tell me their email address and can i send you the tga set? (Only 2KB).

It is in a zip file.

If you want to do this could you please change the black background to pink.

Thank You

7th Dec 2002, 21:50

7th Dec 2002, 23:31
It's as easy as saving the texture set into .bmp format and opening it in Paint :)

All you have to do is color in the black spaces with the purple color on the tray in paint, it is the correct transparency color for trle.

It seems Data has already volunteered to help, but for the future this tip may come in handy :)