View Full Version : Antartic Compound

7th Dec 2002, 12:33
It has been released! You can find it at Lara's Level Base
After two years of hardship (ie. I had to retexture the whole project), I have finaly released it. I've had several questions about this so I'm gonna say this now, "This is not in anyway related to Tomb Raider:The Jade Moon."

7th Dec 2002, 19:27
Cool, great job! are there any biger screenshots? I'ed like to see more of this level before playing it :D

Alias 56

7th Dec 2002, 22:10
Well I would post more, but I can't at the moment.

Blind Intentions
8th Dec 2002, 12:15
Downloading now. Is Brian Croft in this one? :D I remember seeing pics of him in one of your levels when your site was up.

8th Dec 2002, 14:41
He's in the second one.