View Full Version : BORING GAME

29th Nov 2018, 11:02
The graphics are Great, but the game play and puzzles are boring and redundant, this game is not worth playing FOR Free.

26th Dec 2018, 09:33
okay tomb raider isn't the game for you then. You can go back to playing cod now :)

26th Dec 2018, 10:49
play the previous 2 then. at least there you have 95% action and 5% raiding. while shadow is at least the closest thing to a tomb raider title which i personally would give a 8/10.

27th Dec 2018, 14:29
I disagree entirely. I had so much fun playing Shadow. I'd play it more if my son didn't hog the console so much :lol:. It's such a beautiful, atmospheric game, with platforming and puzzles that take some thought (depending on your set difficulty). But I respect your opinion that you gave it a shot but maybe TR isn't your thing. :tmb:.

14th Jan 2019, 01:02
I like that this one at least has more elaborate, atmospheric tombs than the last, or especially TR 2013. It's a bit buggy with audio dropouts and big hitches here and there, even on good spec, and I don't like that a lot of the climactic battle moments are scripted to suddenly end at a certain point, but there's good too. It's got tons of exploring and scavenging, which at times can be tough to keep track of orientation wise. Just finding and finishing all the side quests, many of which are multi tiered and pretty good, can be quite an endeavor.

I still miss Anniversary, and consider it best in the franchise, but this new style is getting better. Also, from a performance standpoint, I'm willing to bet many of the bugs are related to it being a made for Ray Tracing game, and lack of proper consultation from Nvidia. Nvidia weren't even ready for launch on their RTX series. Then again, any developers that dive in deep with new Nvidia tech are kinda throwing caution to the wind.