View Full Version : Star Docks

7th Dec 2002, 11:29
What do you install to make Star Docks take passengers as well?

7th Dec 2002, 13:43
You can't, sorry. This was taken out by Mucky Foot because Eidos were realy perstering them for the game. :(

I think Mucky Foot should have asked Infogrammes to publish thier game, do you know how much time they're giving MOO3? Apparently the game can be released now but they want to wait and "polish" it. Just imagine StarTopia of Mucky Foot had had 4 months polishing time...

8th Dec 2002, 10:20
You can make Star Docks take passengars in mods by adding Scutter Crates with Peeps in them instead of scutters to the trader files. You can then buy peeps (or set the cost to 0 if you want them to be free) and open the crates on your station.

Check out DMA57361's mission, Traders Corner. One of the integral parts of it is acquiring staff without a Port.