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Blue Ice
7th Dec 2002, 11:09
I trying to get sarted making some new levels for the game, but im not to sure how to start. I read the mod guide a little but Im getting confused by it.
Could someone please give me a quick bit of info to get started?

8th Dec 2002, 10:49
Step 1: Think up a plot or idea. It might be obvious, but you'll need it.
Step 2: Start by writing a script, nothing more (for now). The script must be called mish.txt. The script has elements, events that are triggered by conditions. Each element has the following format (with you filling in the italics).


Conditions consist of Variable = Number or Variable or Formula
= can also be != (not equal), < (less than), or > (more than). Note that <= (less than or equal) and >= (more than or equal) do not work.

Statementsare all those items listed under Statements in the manual that make the game do it's thing.

Also, formulas must be written in bracketed pairs.
X = A * B + C / D + E
Should be written as:
Set X (((A * B) + (C / D)) + E)

Negative numbers are expressed as (eg. -5000): (0 - 5000)

These are the basics on how the script opperates. If you want help on a particular topic or idea, just pipe up.

Good Luck.

2nd Feb 2003, 03:37
I tried some modding myself, but it didnt turn out too well with all the variables, commands and statements then it would be an understatement to state that I am indeed confused...my head is incapable of storing more than three words...

2nd Feb 2003, 16:05
i've manged to create my own level but i can't get anyone to come through the port. :(

3rd Feb 2003, 02:21
The <peep>_every and <peep>_ratio variables must be written in lower-case. I had the same problem for about 6 months.

7th Feb 2003, 17:36
<slams his head on the desktop> doh

26th Feb 2003, 21:29
Originally posted by Hand-E-Food
The [B]<peep>_every and <peep>_ratio[B] variables must be written in lower-case. I had the same problem for about 6 months.

You're kidding. I canned so many missions cos people wouldn't come in the port. *slams head on desk* Dammit!! Damn my Grammar!

28th Feb 2003, 00:22
Always assume a programming or scripting language is case sensitive unless you know otherwise. :) And even if it isn't, treat it like it is so you don't get confused if you switch back to one that isn't.