View Full Version : Did anyone ever work out how to get wavs from PE?

6th Dec 2002, 12:00
I wan't to use the 'Mail has arrived' wav for my email :)
But all the sound files appear to be in groups with the extention .EDS which I never even heard of.
Has anyone ever managed to get wavs from the game?

Ta :)

6th Dec 2002, 19:01
Try looking for audio converters on download.com or zdnet.com (or .net)

I found a "Audio Conversion Wizzard" but it only does OOG (for UT2003) sound files (well.. more like music). Got it from download.com site.

7th Dec 2002, 09:05
I like your sig, Saturnine.:cool:

I know that hardly pertains to the subject of the thread. I just thought I'd mention it anyway.:)

7th Dec 2002, 18:00
well. its not like the threads ever stay on topic :)

I didnt notice ur sig.

I keep having problems with pictures latley. I have most pictures show up except for a few (they apear as red x's) until I click on refresh then everything looks normal.

wonder whats wrong with it. I do disk cleanup everyday (yes, I use my computer so often that I need to do it everyday)

8th Dec 2002, 00:31
I hardly ever run the disk cleanup (even though I use my computer a lot), and it runs just dandy. :o :D

How about my sig? Does it show up OK?

8th Dec 2002, 00:42
yah. its always like that. some pics show up and some dont. same site, same source directory

as in the pic is at the same spot;

http://www.123.com/pics/picture1.jpg shows up but
http://www.123.com/pics/picture2.jpg doesnt...

Dont bother clicking the "links" i just made it up

8th Dec 2002, 02:27
OK, why won't the pictures come up when I click the links?

Kidding... ;) :p :D

8th Dec 2002, 03:16
:eek: :confused: :mad: :mad: :mad:

hehe. amazing how the smilies can replace a sentence :)

8th Dec 2002, 05:01
It sure is...http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/Smileys/Na_Na_Na_Na.gif

8th Dec 2002, 21:08

9th Dec 2002, 00:10
And suddenly this became an "All Smileys" thread. How about this?


;) :D

9th Dec 2002, 06:08
where do u get them all? I lost the site u gave me a while ago, where i found the jedi smile :)

9th Dec 2002, 07:14
Didn't you use the Jedi smiley for your signature? Is it still there?

Most of my smileys came from:

www.mysmilies.com (which is where the Jedi smiley came from)
http://users.skynet.be/bs138791/index_us.html (has quite a few smileys that are already available on the other 3 mentioned sites)

And there are a couple of others, but the sites for them don't seem to be working at the moment, and I think they pretty much cover the smileys that are available at the other links I have here anyway. If I find any cool smileys outside of these sites, I usually just end up putting them on my own webspace and linking them from there.


9th Dec 2002, 16:33
Eugh. I got an adult banner promotion on the .de one :(

Thanks for the links though :)

Did u notice this? The Smiles.nl has a "choose ur language" and i clicked on the english one but it brings me to a wierd language site. (still with smilies but not in english)

10th Dec 2002, 10:11
Originally posted by mrdefender
Eugh. I got an adult banner promotion on the .de one :(

Hmm... I edited that link out of my previous post just in case they do have banners like that. I haven't honestly seen any adult banners on that site, and I still don't...:o That's odd...

LOL I noticed the language thing, too, about the .nl site. It's still not in English when you click on English. That's kinda messed up. Still, if you don't mind wading through the categories without knowing what they are first, there are a few nifty smilies there.:)

Now, the real question should be, which is the correct plural spelling of the word "smiley"? Is it "smilies" or "smileys"? Coz I've seen it both ways, and I keep switching back and forth between the two without paying much attention, so I look like an idiot... :o :rolleyes: :D

10th Dec 2002, 20:28
thats the thing about personal web pages. typos are ok :)

Now, if you look at a buisness site and theres typos.. it draws clients away and they loose buisness. So its crucial that they have proper spelling.

The adult banner was a christmas promotion. the only thing they were wearing is a santa hat and they had boxes infront of most of the.. em .. stuff.. but u could tell.

I hate having banners, most of the time the webpage companies (like tripod or other free webpages sites) use a banner service and dont pay attention at what the banners are.

11th Dec 2002, 09:08
Sorry about the banner thing. I had no idea they had those popping up on that site. I still haven't seen it. I just keep seeing ads for other smiley sites--which is a good thing, coz I'm not into that adult stuff. Blech!

The alternate smiley site that click-smilie has a link for does have adult advertisements on it, though. That's why I didn't bother to post a link for that site. Double BLECH!!:o

And I don't pay much attention to typos, as long as I can understand what a person is saying.:)

11th Dec 2002, 21:37
But i bet you'd take it into account on buisness sites that u want to do buisness with :)

12th Dec 2002, 08:00
Very true. :)

12th Dec 2002, 21:10
I hate the fact that everything works by credit card on the net. I dont have one and I want to get some stuff.

Like register GetRight download manager but its credit card...
Buying a Gameshark cause its not available at my local stores. :/

And u can get lots of discounts on stuff if u buy online. (like 10% off of stuff)..

Well, that and I want to find a site where u can order a meal online :D (like pizza or something).

The General
3rd Jan 2003, 14:43
Originally posted by Saturnine
I wan't to use the 'Mail has arrived' wav for my email :)
But all the sound files appear to be in groups with the extention .EDS which I never even heard of.
Has anyone ever managed to get wavs from the game?

Ta :)

use an Audio capture prog like Total Recorder

4th Jan 2003, 00:28
Amazing what you can find on the internet these days. :)

I remember using winzip to open VL2 and PK3 archives (VL2 was for Tribes 2 and PK3 is for the Quake3 Engine)

Audio Conversion Wizzard is good for OGG files. (I only saw these as music, haven't seen any voices in oog format). But the ACW only works for 14 days :/

Ofcourse, you can register only by credit card :rolleyes: :D