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6th Dec 2002, 10:21
This is a bit of a long story lol.

My friend's husband got a blood clot on the brain whilst they were on holiday in Lanzarote (Nov 17). He nearly died, to cut a long story short, and was flown to Dr Negrin hospital in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. Since that date, I haven't left her side and also spent a week in Las Palmas visiting Jerry in the hospital, I had to be so strong it was untrue, and it was a very draining, traumatic time for the both of us. I only got back on Tuesday, and am recovering lol. Jerry made a miraculous recovery by the way!! He's back home now, it's amazing how well he is, he could have had brain damage and been paralyzed. That's all down to the great staff at UMI in Dr Negrin :) So, I'm still pretty drained and I don't have the energy to carry on with any of my projects at the moment. So I apologize to Netslider, Lionel and Stormchaser for any lack of work, cos I just don't have the impetus to do anything at the moment. But give me time though! I'm sure I'll be back on track soon.

6th Dec 2002, 15:10
have some sleep my dear!

glad to hear your friend's husband is ok! how it will last!

6th Dec 2002, 15:33
We missed you. :)

6th Dec 2002, 20:16
Glad your back :D

Alias 56

Blind Intentions
6th Dec 2002, 21:57
I'm glad to see everything turned out ok. Times like these are very stressful and do take a lot out of you. Take your time ;) We've missed you!

Oh...almost forgot....

Welcome back! :D


6th Dec 2002, 22:05
Welcome back.

It is good to know that everyone is doing ok now.

6th Dec 2002, 22:41
LOL!! thanks everyone, especially B.I for the newspaper LOL that made me laugh :D

7th Dec 2002, 10:24
That's ok Litepulsar, you don't have to apologise. Those kind of thinks happen, unfortunatly.
You can do it another time when you are totaly recovered from that.
A nice recovery for your husband, and you. ; )

7th Dec 2002, 11:18
awwww thanks Netslider.... rofl it's my friend's husband, not mine hehehe she'll laugh when I show her this :D thank you for the kind thoughts :)

10th Dec 2002, 21:47
hi Lite, I've been away for a while myself, fortunately because of happier circumstances, I'm sorry to hear about your friend, but it's good to see ya as always! we should catch up on msn.....yup, we definitely should :)