View Full Version : Tr5 Lara anim into TRLE wad?.

Croft Nut
5th Dec 2002, 19:41
Has anyone been able to replace an animation from a TRLE wad, with an animation from the TR5 Lara. I'm trying to get a puzzle from TR5 to work,and need the correct anim. I've used wadmerger 1.9 rev 4 to copy the anim frame by frame. But in game all the sound effects are missing,even Lara's footsteps,but the music files play ok.

Croft Nut

5th Dec 2002, 20:26
What a coinciednce, I was get trying that myself. I'll tell you if I can get it to work...

Alias 56

5th Dec 2002, 20:31
I believe that Ten Chen has added some anims from TR5 to TR4.