View Full Version : tafn??

5th Dec 2002, 16:23
hey what's up with TAFN??? I can't enter the site

if noone else can either, how can then people watch my flash movie:eek:

but don't worry, u people who haven't downloaded it yet...Me and a friend are making a new site where you can download it:)

6th Dec 2002, 23:21
It's down, if someone can fly to India to wake up Rutam be my guest...

7th Dec 2002, 14:24
he is probably studying as usuall. they don't seem to have much else to do down there in India:p

11th Dec 2002, 04:07
yep.i talked to rutam saome time ago,he said he is extremely busy with studies. and he will moce tafn to other place.

11th Dec 2002, 14:15
is he even a member in this forum? haven't seen him since summer or something

11th Dec 2002, 19:22
He is signed up here.

11th Dec 2002, 21:42
yeah now I remember the movie thread he started it

12th Dec 2002, 01:42
I haven't logged into TAFN for yonks

It must be hard to run a commandos site considering we are not allowed to modify the game for extended playability, thus most people who like the game don't even have it installed.

No momentum means its pretty boring, what a pity