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jeffrey van oort
5th Dec 2002, 12:14
Because I can't edit my old one anymore (Provider: Het Net) I went to Angelfire, but I completly don't understand this stuff.
So I was wondering, does anybody wants to upload my screenshots from my Resident Evil levels, and outfit?

Email to: j.oort@home.nl

I 'd really appreciate this.


5th Dec 2002, 12:45
To work with Angelfire isn't that hard.....
Just log on to the building editor. Upload the pics. Go to the the little text box where it says 'name' and type '(name of your page).html' and click 'create'. Then just select the option (basic or advanced), choose a type of page (links, photos, my info,....) and choose the page style. Let's say you choose the links page type.
Then put a title in the text box (step 5) and go to the 'create links list #1'. Then put the links to the pics you uploaded in the left column (e.g. http://www.angelfire.com/....), and what you want displayed on the screen in the right column (e.g. screenshot 1). Then delete all the other stuff like step 9 and 10.
Et voilĂ* you've built your own webpage. It's very basic but it will get the job done....;)

jeffrey van oort
7th Dec 2002, 00:22
thnx m8. that really helped, I think I'll be completly finished at the end of this week (or perhaps with christmas, just 4 the folks =p ), All levels + objects + 2 Lara Croft outfits + 3 playable characters and 3 Storylines.
For more information make sure to check


for further updates.

Ps. I've got a zombie, a zombiedog, nemesis, mutated zombiedog, a zombiecrow and Umbrella corps units and the S.T.A.R.S. members will be there 2.

But the biggest surprise must stay a secret for now..