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Blue Ice
5th Dec 2002, 03:56
Hi, I just signed up to this forum, and Im new to Startopia so bear with me please!
Anywho I need a bit of advice with the game, when I get supply crates, e.g Medical Crates or food supplies etc. where do I put them so they will be used? Do I put them in the Cargo bay? And if I have no cargo bay where do they go?
Any help is welcome.
Thanks. :)

5th Dec 2002, 04:05
You can put them anywhere and they will be automatically used by whatever facility needs them. However, if you dont put them into a cargo hold they will start to decay and will become worthless after a while.

Blue Ice
5th Dec 2002, 04:20
Thanks Ghyron! I thought I was doing something wrong because I kept letting 10 people die in mission 2. I think I'm under-staffed...

5th Dec 2002, 11:42
MunkeeChum looks at Ghyron

And where have you been?

Blue Ice
5th Dec 2002, 13:31
Oh um, no point starting new thread. You know the smilies you see when trading? Im not exactly sure about these... When Im buying stuff if there are :) :) these this means I have enough, yeah? And when Im selling they mean I dont need to sell them? So in that case when Im selling :mad: :mad: they mean I need to sell? Please help me! Thanks! ;)

5th Dec 2002, 19:55
More smiles = better deal.
More unhappys = worse deal.

6th Dec 2002, 03:02
Originally posted by Blue Ice
When Im buying stuff if there are :) :) these this means I have enough, yeah

Listen for the "You have run out of a type of cargo:" messages to find out if you need more of something. Or open the Cargo Bay display panel to count how many of each Basic Cargo you have. Click on a room too see what (if any) cargo it uses.

Blue Ice
6th Dec 2002, 05:11
Thanks guys! The penny has dropped! :p

6th Dec 2002, 06:03
Hehe. Speaking of which, drop one out the Star Dock...