View Full Version : High Dives in Hidden City

22nd Nov 2018, 09:11
Ha anybody else had difficulty getting the swan dives to work right in the Hidden City? I swear I p use the buttons in the correct sequence but Lara never dives, she just jumps in the water feet first.

I think I remember this issue from the last Tomb Raider game, but don't remember how it was fixed.

23rd Nov 2018, 17:35
I have had minor problems on Xbox, yes. I haven't played for a week or two but seem to remember thinking that if I pressed the button too soon after the jump action the swan dive was prevented even if button-mashing happened, so think I got to a point of putting a short (obviously!) pause before hitting the button. I could be mis-remembering as I also think there are other issues with set animations and might be mixing them up. Anyway, yes, had problems, that sort of thing might help.

25th Nov 2018, 10:38
Not having problems on Xbox. B then A , works every time.