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Dan the Jazzman
4th Dec 2002, 23:01
Mwahahahahahaha.... ha *cough* ...haha *splutter*

My level is unleashed on the general public (that's you) so I (that's me) can sit here and laugh at you (you) as you (yes, you) try and get through my (by me) level.... *another evil laugh with unhealthy consequences*

Get it here (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/cgi-bin/dynamic/levels28/features.cgi?The_Legacy_Of_Domino) . It's packed with flydrive so if you don't know anything about installing levels don't worry, it will do that hard part for you. Or that's what it said on the label anyway.

After months of work, my level is finally ready for you to download. It is called The Legacy of Domino and it is set in a previously unfound outpost of Atlantis (Domino) only revealed after close examination of the tapestry she found in Tihocan's Tomb...

I've used the textures from TR1 and I've tried to recreate the atmosphere and feel of that game, since it is my favourite. I even wrote some music based on the TR1 themes for it! (I want Peter Connelly's job. No, really I do!) Is it good enough for a Music GCSE, do you think?

I've tried to make it as good as an official level, and I hope it's paid off because I've been working on it since I got the editor last July! Since then I started again because it was rubbish. It's much better now though, of course.

Um, well the download is a BIT big *ahem*15 megabytes *ahem* but that's because of the audio files. Beleive me, they are worth the download! You could use a download manager if it is a problem...

Anyway, PLEASE download my level, I've spent a long time on it and I hope you like it! I'll shut up now before I do myself some real damage, and leave you with some screenshots, which are much better than listening to me ranting on and not finishing my senta





Ps. Please read the disclaimer at the end. I get the distinct impression that people just don't read them any more. If you don't it probably means you can sue me for millions of pounds for emotional distress by some crooked loophole in the law. So just to tell you now I'M SKINT, DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME

*coughs brains out once again*
*brains bounce along floor for a bit*
*damn dog starts chewing brains*
*kicks dog*

5th Dec 2002, 00:11
Wow, seems like lots of work has gone into this, (since june...!) and it looks really nice! I'll play it when I get a chance, right now I'm gonna keep working on my new level.

Be sure to submit this level to MP's site, see what it gets rated :)

5th Dec 2002, 17:28

Downloading now.

5th Dec 2002, 22:09
Im stuck.

I got to the part where you have to pull the switch and then you go back up the path and a boulder comes at you. Got past that but then in the room which has now been flooded with lava I do not know where to go. I tried flipping back and forth off of the slopes hoping I would eventually land on the flat part on the other side but that did not seem to work. Please help.

Besides that the level is really cool so far.

Dan the Jazzman
5th Dec 2002, 22:20
Ohhhh, yes, if it's any consolation my friend got stuck here when he was testing. Okay, stand on that pillar which was knocked over (on your right as you got back into that room) and have a look behind that pillar on your left.... there's a block there which you can jump to if you try...

Ps. Well done on getting that far, I was worried you might have been a bit put off by the start! Keep going though, the best bit is still to come!

5th Dec 2002, 22:31
Ok let me get this straight you mean that block that is in front of that slope or do you mean there is a block somewhere were that flat piece of ground is on the right.

Edit: Ok I see what you are saying now. I did have a little trouble at the beginnign of the level with the first block puzzle the trouble came whenI was trying to gwt out of that dark corner . I justkept reloading though. lol

great level cant wait to see whats in store next.

5th Dec 2002, 22:48
That looks great! It is definitely a good addition to TRI. Keep it up!(the good work, i mean)

5th Dec 2002, 23:32
Ok I took a sneal peek at the hints in the read me and I found out that I have not met evil atlantian lara where was she suppose to be?

Dan the Jazzman
5th Dec 2002, 23:49
Uhhh.... that might be a bit of a spoiler so check your PM...

6th Dec 2002, 00:23
Im stuck once again that little double sided block puzzle was tricky past that though it led me to that room where I had first posted about. What doI do here. it must not be my day. lol

Dan the Jazzman
6th Dec 2002, 21:07
Just keep going. There's something you can now do which you couldn't do beforehand because a certain boulder made sure you didn't do it... remember a boulder anywhere?

6th Dec 2002, 21:51
I finished about 2 minutes after posting I loaded my save and backtracked to that place and found out where to go. The level was fun I really enjoyed it. Are you thinking of making anymore? Maybe even a sequel to this one. You could even use the centar mutant trwad created.

Dan the Jazzman
6th Dec 2002, 22:24
Definitely, I can't stop yet! I might take a break for a week or two before I start but I've got an idea I'd like to persue.... but it won't be atlantis! After that I'm sick of it now! :p

But I'll definitely keep building, I'm also thinking of a joint project with my friend Josh (the one I mentioned in the readme who also tested my level) or maybe.... no. My lips are sealed for now. But it'll probably be refreshing, probably outside with lots of greenery and water... but I have a few ideas to play with yet! I'll keep you posted...

And I'm glad you enjoyed the level! I hope it wasn't too frustrating ;) I hope I've done something good for people! Thanks for the comments!

6th Dec 2002, 22:40
I enjoyed it a lot. I died several times on the doubled sided slope puzzle, the blocks that where hard to reach over the lava, and those teeth doors. However, I still went on and beat the level. it was so much fun and challengeing too. I can not wait to see your next level.