View Full Version : Kurtis Trent in TR: AOD???

4th Dec 2002, 22:44
Pardon me for not keeping up with the current AOD News but we will get to play Kurtis Trent in the up coming TR game being released in Feburary right? Which means that that whole episode thing was droped? Can some one lend me a clue?

4th Dec 2002, 23:36
yes u get to play kurtis in tr:aod. but i dont think its for a while, maybe a couple of levels. i believe that it still will be an episode thing.

hope i answered your questions :)

4th Dec 2002, 23:40
*Lends TheElderGodofNosgoth a clue*

Umm, you can have for one week. I need to bring it in for show and tell a week from now. :D

But really, to answer your question, just read trc's post and pretend it's mine. :D From what I know(and that is not a lot) we are playing as kurtis for a bit, and the episode thing is still gonna happen. If it isn't, blame trc.

5th Dec 2002, 00:18
uh o another alien abduction here.

This is getting out of hand, I must warn the world...


*prelude runs out screaming*

7th Dec 2002, 14:13
Originally posted by Prelude
*prelude runs out screaming ...*

*... but forgets to open the front door and smacks head against it and falls unconscious* :D

8th Dec 2002, 03:51
*FoxyKat walks through the door and steps on Prelude*


8th Dec 2002, 12:51
:D ... resulting in Prelude throwing up on FoxyKat who falls unconscious too* :D

Ben Landsberg Tomb Raider
8th Dec 2002, 13:05
*Then Lara Croft comes in and views the room with disgust. You ALL barf in unexplainable joy and Lara finds this nauseating, so she says happily "Right! Let's go adventuring!" and she jumps out the window. *

The End!:D

or is it..................................................;)

8th Dec 2002, 20:12
I don't think playing Kurtis will be all that cool! I buy the Tomb Raider games to play as Lara Croft. Don't get me wrong, I would love to play a character with mind powers and metal... spinning...weapon... thing, but not in Tomb Raider. I will still but it though, because I love the Tomb Raider games, even the Movie!