View Full Version : Beyond Call of Duty on Win2K?

4th Dec 2002, 18:47
Does Beyond the Call of Duty work on Win2K SP3?

I noticed that Behind Enemy Lines was listed as addressed under Win2K compatibility.



5th Dec 2002, 03:52
I'm sure I had it working on Win2k, but it was so long ago (for my limited memory) to recall excatly.

Have you tried and it doesn't work or are you thinking of trying?

6th Dec 2002, 17:57
Had a preview version of BEL and found a version of BCD for $4.99. I couldn't get BEL to work on WIN2K, but then I just found the App Compatability program on WIN2K disk. Now I'm back in business. Suspect that BCD will not be a problem now.



PS. Is C2 as buggy as people claim?

7th Dec 2002, 14:27
download the c2 patch and it'll not be buggy.

anyway BCD don't work with XP, so I doubt it will work with 2000. cos in XP it said: this is not compatible with win NT or something. I don't know what NT is, but I heard that it has something to do with win2000.

9th Dec 2002, 14:10
Win2k was derived from WinNT, which was a networking OS geared toward business applications.

Have you tried the app compatabilty program that comes with XP? I heard it is pretty good.

9th Dec 2002, 16:21
Win 2k was the follow up of win NT, win XP would have been the next version of NT if it was still called NT. Depending on which version of win2k you got you will have no or many problems running games on it.

9th Dec 2002, 19:48
what is app compability program?

10th Dec 2002, 20:02
On the W2K CD, there is a program called apcompat.exe. I have been told that XP has a similar program that is a lot nicer. It's a utility that fools programs into thinking they are running on another version of Windows. I used it to install my sampler version of BEL; where as, before I got an error stating it could only be installed on Win95/98. I'm running Win2K. After I installed I didn't need the utility to run BEL.

Good Luck


12th Dec 2002, 02:15
Originally posted by Thorup
I don't know what NT is, but I heard that it has something to do with win2000.

Client / Standalone PC OS's
Windows 3.1 (DOS) (not networkable)
Windows for workgroups 3.11 (DOS)
Windows 95 (DOS)
Windows NT Workstation (NT 4.0)
Windows 98 (DOS)
Windows Me (DOS)
Windows 2000 pro (NT 5.0)
Windows XP Home (?) (most networking functions are disabled)
Windows XP Pro (NT 5.1)

Server OS's
Windows NT Server (NT 3.51)
Windows NT server (NT 4.0)
Windows 2000 Server (NT 5.0)
Windows .Net Server (NT 5.2)

12th Dec 2002, 02:40
XP pro is a pretty good server OS too, especially in the online gaming communities the number of win PX servers is growing fast.