View Full Version : ISSUE: Game freezing when collecting Caches

15th Nov 2018, 23:49
Updated the Xbox One version tonight and since then I have had several freezes when collecting Caches. Last few freezes were in Kwaq Yaku. Had to reload map.

16th Nov 2018, 06:55
yes. this update bug.
go to "manage game & add-ons" --> "saved data" --> "reserved space" and clear reserved space.

17th Nov 2018, 09:00
Thanks. Did that an it han't crashed as much, although I have only picked up one or two caches after. It did crash when I read a mural though. I'll make sure I clear the reserved space before I start the game at every play.

17th Nov 2018, 10:08
Habe auch das Problem bei Xbox-One das nach jedem Einsammeln!

17th Nov 2018, 14:40
Having the same issue. Hard reset and deleted reserved space - but collecting the same caches or murals will freeze the game.

Very disappointing experience!

17th Nov 2018, 15:08
I'm having the same consistent problem but will try to clear reserved space now.

18th Nov 2018, 21:24
This problem is occurring for me when accessing monoliths and murals in the Hidden City. All monoliths will freeze the Xbox One, with buzzing audio. Have to dashboard and close the game. This is happening as of Nov. 17 2018.

Square Enix, please respond to this bug with a new patch.

22nd Nov 2018, 09:06
I'm having the same consistent problem but will try to clear reserved space now.

UPDATE: After advancing through the game a bit more and then returning to The Hidden City this problem seems to have fixed itself. Caches and monoliths no longer crash the game.

25th Nov 2018, 10:40
Yep, I don't seem to be getting them now. I age done a few tombs, crypts and collectibles in the Hidden City an it has stopped crashing.