View Full Version : Shadow of the Tomb Raider Wont Launch

14th Nov 2018, 12:06
Hello All,

So I was playing the game last night again without any issues, I also had no problems since I bought it when it released.
However, this morning there was a 2.2 gig update and now I'm unable to play the game.
The launcher opens and when I click on "Play" the game crashes to desktop without any error messages.
Everything (gtx1070 drivers / windows updates etc) is up to date. I also uninstalled all antivirus programs that could potentially block the SOTTR.exe file.

Any ideas?

14th Nov 2018, 12:40
Found a workaround until they fix the game because it seems the majority of people have this problem today.


Right click Shadow of the tomb raider in steam -> properties -> betas -> select "build_236_1 -"
wait for the 158 meg download and play the game.

Have fun.