View Full Version : PS4 - Purchased Croft Edition - I cannot unlock/play DLC The Forge

14th Nov 2018, 09:29
Dear friends,
I bought SOTTR Croft Edition and redeemed the code for the Season Pass & Weapons Pack weeks ago.

Yesterday, I downloaded the patch 1.08 who is supossed to give me access to the DLC the Forge.
Well...I got the surprise that next to "The Forge" there is an icon cart, to purchase.
I pressed X, and PS Store says that the content is non-available.
I went directly to PS Store to "buy" the Season Pass and it says that I already have it.

I bought my videogame totally legal in Spain.
Who can I contact to? I can send pictures of the game, redeem code etc
Anybody else is suffering this?
Please help.
Can somebody tell me how to unlock the season pass?


14th Nov 2018, 11:19
To unlock some content from the Croft Edition, you proactively have to visit the PS Store, go to the game, visit the additional content/packages for the game and download for free, one by one, the DLC, weapons & customes...
That is weird but it is like this.