View Full Version : I can't pick weapons in cities

14th Nov 2018, 09:08
I have Xbox one x version of the game, i don't have a problem with the game... until i do the changing the weather challenge after the second i drop down, the game doesn't leave me to have any weapon inside hidden city and in mission of san juan, the weapon menu it doesn't even appear! Also after the update the game freezes after a read a monolith in kuwaq yaku or sometimes if i go for a survival cache!

I feel very lonely on this beacause im probably the only one who have this problems and square enix support it doesn't even care! Im very disappointed...

14th Nov 2018, 11:26
Dear friend,
No, you are not the only one "suffering" with this.
You cannot pick up weapons (apart from the bow) or change your clothes on The Hidden City or San Juan because because it was made on purpose. It looks like Lara would look very agresive/hostile if she would wear weapons or her normal clothes on these places.
People are complaining about this so we expect this to be solved with a patch in the future.

14th Nov 2018, 13:40
Thanks for your reply, just one more thing i can't pick up not even the bow! But i can change clothes. Plus the game stuck when i pick up a collectible, (not all the times) and i must restart the game!