View Full Version : Please help me understand "Seasons Pass" implementation?

14th Nov 2018, 07:42
I myself, play on XBOX One. I bought the physical "Steelbook" edition (lovely btw, very happy) which came with the awesome Totaku Figurine; pre-ordered from EB Games. This did not come with a seasons pass and so I bought it off the MS Store.

My question concerns the implementation of that purchase. Rather than appear in the content installation of the "game management" section of SotTR.

The Seasons pass only appears in the store; which I must go to in order to download the content from there, rather than it automatically download, or content appear ready for download under the titles management section (as I'm accustomed to).

I only discovered this today and the DLC with it. Is the Seasons Pass meant to be a separate app, only accessible via the store; or is it meant to only be accessible via the title? -- If I hadn't of checked myself, then I would never have realised this. I was prompted to check because the Forge DLC (nor any of the other DLC) hadn't appeared under the title, available for download.

Nowhere on my console, does it state I own the Seasons Pass either. Only in the store on my MS account, where it prompts me to install associated content, when it arrives from there.

Other than that, past patches have fixed my completion issues, which is appreciated. The game runs well, is beautiful and enjoyable. Thank you.

15th Nov 2018, 14:14
It is strange. I bought the Croft edition and the Season Pass isn't listed as a downloaded item, however when I went to the purchase page it registered as my having it and I got all the DLC.

21st Nov 2018, 09:42
Yeah, same here. If not for pure serendipity, I would never have known to go there to access dlc. In the store accessed from the games, main menu; it also recognises that I own the SP, along with whatever dlc.