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13th Nov 2018, 17:18
What the heck is going on here? I bought the Croft Edition Steel book with seasons pass (new, not used, physical copy) and it's saying via the game the content isn't available.

Yet on the Playstation Store it says it is but I have to pay for it. Playstation acknowledges I have the season pass installed but it clearly wants me to pay for The Forge.

Since I cannot upload pics, I guess these links will have to do.


The 'fun' with this game never ends does it?

13th Nov 2018, 19:52
Same here - not sure what the issue is, but hope it gets fixed soon!

13th Nov 2018, 20:08
Spoke to Sony this morning, all he could figure out was that the problem might be with the store not updating fully yet. I'm not sure that would make much of a difference when it's clearly available for purchase yet season pass holders can't grab what they've paid for month ahead of time.

I keep checking and it's been 4 hours since I spoke with them, same issue. One thing he did get me to check was the add ons via the library and redownload them. The seasons pass was not there, all of the DLC associated with it was including the 2 DLC packs from Sept 20th which haven't been available since the day after (I believe). Not sure if that's where it all went wrong or what.

I can't even redownload the seasons pass as it says it's already installed. I even tried adding The Forge and it's DLC skin/weapons pack via the store and then checking out with the seasons pass code, nothing worked. Not sure who dropped the ball this time.

13th Nov 2018, 20:23
I hear many people complain that they can't install The Forge DLC.

I own the Croft Edition on disc, I don't understand why I had to go to the Store to download it.

If I didn't do this, The Forge seemed to be installed but I couldn't start it... from inside the game it required the Internet connection and then showed a message that it was not available or something like that...

I think they should simplify things, otherwise people can't understand how or where to download what they paid for, or at least tell people how to download this DLC in a clear manner.
I was lucky and found the solution on a forum online...

This DLC and the next ones should download AUTOMATICALLY, that's what I think.
As soon as your PS4 downloads the update (in this case it was version 1.08), the DLC should be installed as well... would be better like this.

13th Nov 2018, 20:54
The internet connection was fine, it would not go to the store from the game, when I went to the store it wanted me to pay. When you have a seasons pass, it will always say free, providing of course the DLC is associated with the seasons pass. Further to the internet connection having problems, while I was logged in with the Sony support on the actual website, it was no different. It recognizes that I have a season pass, it doesn't recognize that the DLC is already paid for. I had just updated the SOTR before attempting to claim what I paid for.

I agree with you about simplifying things, like making sure the game is functioning properly before it hits the market and stop treating it's consumer base as beta-beta-beta testers (hahahaha, wishful thinking these days I know, bring on the crash part 2).

I've read that the DLC was actually in the 1.08 download, the file size for the Forge on it's own is 3.74 MB. So basically, the DLC is a pyramid scheme. Seasons pass holders already paid to unlock it, non seasons passholders have it but can't play it until they empty their wallets a bit more. We gamers really need to put our feet down in regards to how we get treated by the industry as a whole. So long as they know we will continue to plop down insane amounts of money on a broken or buggy game just to be the 'first' to play it, they will continue to treat us all like suckers.

They should release games and DLC when it's ready, not this only on a Tuesday nonsense. It would be like going to a grocery store and they only offer certain items on a certain day.

13th Nov 2018, 21:13
Same here - not sure what the issue is, but hope it gets fixed soon!

We aren't alone


Those that do have it have other issues with it.

13th Nov 2018, 21:28
Same here, I've got the season pass, the dlc the forge, the ouftfit, the gun. When I enter in the Challenge Tombs I've got The Forge and The Judge's Gaze. But I've only the option to play the Judge because when I choose The Forge the game show me " This game seasion no longer exists"

13th Nov 2018, 21:37
Apparently they are aware of it. No idea what the issue is or ETA.


At least you are about half way there, some still can't even get the skins. On the other forum people are saying (if you managed to snag it) that you need to go to Kuwaq Yaku.

14th Nov 2018, 00:23
So in North America it's even worse.

Anyway, in order to download it (out of North America, at the moment) the only place to go is searching for the Standard Edition in the PlayStation Store, it's weird because the DLC is for the Croft Edition or better, only...
I tried to see if The Forge was in the other versions but you can download it only when you search for and show the Standard Edition in the PS Store...

As I said before, I would have preferred if this DLC was downloaded and installed automatically when updating the game to version 1.08.
I hope that with the next DLC's this will be fixed.

14th Nov 2018, 07:57
In my case, the Seasons Pass ownership and associated content, only appears in the Store. Not installed under the title.

I discovered this by accident. I would check there. In my case it needed to be manually installed and then it provided access to DLC, in that process.

Hope this helps.

14th Nov 2018, 13:19
Ok, in my case, I was not realise how the tombs worked. You have to go in the main story, go to Kuwaq Yaku, and a new side mission appear. This side mission it's the Forge.