View Full Version : AOD Outfits: Post if you have made one:)!

Chris-Craig Michaels
4th Dec 2002, 05:06
I would like to see some of the Tomb Raider AOD outfits people have made, since I am considoring using on in my next level. If you hvae one to download, please, post a screen short or a link to a picture. Thanks!

4th Dec 2002, 05:10
Check the TRLE Search Engine, it has several AoD outfits in it ;)
(link in sig)

Blind Intentions
4th Dec 2002, 08:21
Here is an AOD outfit I made and an AOD catsuit I'm working on. Both have shorter hair and eye textures taken from the upcoming game.(Its kinda hard to tell from the pic but the second one is wearing glasses with the winter cap)

http://www.angelfire.com/gundam/tombraider/aod5.bob http://www.angelfire.com/gundam/tombraider/aodcat.bob

4th Dec 2002, 20:44
9 total

4th Dec 2002, 20:53
I have a new one comeing out that took 23 hours to make. It's highly detailed and if I say any more my head will explode! No, it's not up for download yet...

Alias 56

4th Dec 2002, 23:20
http://www.angelfire.com/clone/trangel/naod.bob (http://www.angelfire.com/clone/trangel/Angel.zip)

Here is my aod outfit

Level Planet
8th Dec 2002, 15:47
Well I made the Jean outfit from AoD- Check This Link For Screen

Jean Outfit (http://www.geocities.com/tertio_site/jean.jpg)

Also I made a new site, so check it out here

Lara's Shop (http://www.geocities.com/tertio_site/)

tell me what do you think so far.

My harry Potter Outfit hands arn't the same as Larz hands it got 275 polys and not 75 like larz...

Level Planet
8th Dec 2002, 15:52
rats, well click on the link lower link and go to the outfits section