View Full Version : SMAAx4 is terrible

12th Nov 2018, 07:35
I don't know if I'm the only one that notices this, but on pc the level of detail is lost when using SMAAx4. It makes every detail look warped. Plants, mud, and rock faces look like they suffer from a weird Anisotropic filter glitch. it's better to upscale with AA disabled. Textures viewed at an Angle with MSAA x4 look the worst, and is most notable during climbing areas.
~To view to the bottom image from close up use ctrl+scroll wheel~

12th Nov 2018, 14:01
It's because SMAA4x setting also enables TAA which blurs everything on any resolution.

13th Nov 2018, 05:04
well even though her hair looks terrible without AA I just set it to none because it runs smoother and looks better when you are constantly moving in-game.