View Full Version : Some High Rez Shots of My Level..

4th Dec 2002, 00:34
I think this desearves a new post due to the image sizes.

I have a lot of lighting and geometry things I am going to fix.. here are some shots.

<img src="http://trstudio.geckokid.com/Files/TR08.jpg"></img>
<img src="http://trstudio.geckokid.com/Files/TR09.jpg"></img>
<img src="http://trstudio.geckokid.com/Files/TR10.jpg"></img>
<img src="http://trstudio.geckokid.com/Files/TR11.jpg"></img>
<img src="http://trstudio.geckokid.com/Files/TR12.jpg"></img>
<img src="http://trstudio.geckokid.com/Files/TR13.jpg"></img>
<img src="http://trstudio.geckokid.com/Files/TR14.jpg"></img>
<img src="http://trstudio.geckokid.com/Files/TR15.jpg"></img>

What do you think so far. These shots don't cover everything that I have done so far.

4th Dec 2002, 00:35
and some more....

<img src="http://trstudio.geckokid.com/Files/TR16.jpg"></img>
<img src="http://trstudio.geckokid.com/Files/TR17.jpg"></img>
<img src="http://trstudio.geckokid.com/Files/TR18.jpg"></img>

4th Dec 2002, 00:37
sorry for stretching out the post :/

4th Dec 2002, 00:49
Looks great!

4th Dec 2002, 21:06
looks really good i cant wait for more shots ;)

4th Dec 2002, 21:23
Looks great! You might want to change the torches to look more realistic though, and some more shadows would do it well. Good Work!