View Full Version : Flashlight

3rd Dec 2002, 22:31
I was messing around with Wadmerger's animation editor and decided to create this as my first animation.
(thanx to C5 for hosting the pic)

3rd Dec 2002, 23:40
Cool :D A flashlight will do nicely in a level full of other new things, nice work and good idea ;):)

5th Dec 2002, 01:59
Cool, nicely done ;)

Alias 56

5th Dec 2002, 02:25
i already made one, but yours looks better

5th Dec 2002, 03:20
I ment to email you, but I couldn't find your email anywhere. I also tried to PM you once, but I couldn't get through. I will not be needing your service anymore, I do however, wish that you will upload your wonderful animations for the rest of the community to use. I appreciate your service and would not want it to go to waste. ;)

I will have to put you in the credits for inspiring me to create my own animations. Your are truly a great animation editor as well as many other things.

Kurtis Trent
6th Dec 2002, 03:29
wow, very impressive!