View Full Version : The Hidden City Documents Glitch

1st Nov 2018, 21:26
I have all 42 documents yet it says I'm missing one. When I check my collection the Document I am missing is the one called "The Cult's Control", I googled where it was located and as I suspected, it is greyed out in my map as if I have it, yet the game thinks it's missing. Has anyone had a similar problem and found a workaround? It's the only thing preventing me from achieving 100% completion.

13th Nov 2018, 01:17
Similar things happened at my game: at Kuwaq Yaku, I have collected 18 documents, but the records on map show only 17/18. I want to get 100%!

I am playing PS4 version, updated the game to newest patch.

13th Nov 2018, 01:19
I'm on PS4 too and with latest patch. It's the only thing that prevents me from getting 100% completion.