View Full Version : Hunter's Moon - Stuck

1st Nov 2018, 15:27
I'm stuck in Hunter's Moon at the point where she exits the under water cave and gets stuck. A flashing "E"(Interact) is displayed to get a gasp of air. I've tried repeated tapping the "E" key, holding it down and tapping the foreward,backward,left,right, jump, and swin fast keys in every way I can think of but nothing works and she drowns. I've watched the YouTube video of this game segment where she get unstuck and reaches the surface but it doesn't work for me. If someone knows the exact sequence to get past this point please reply else this game goes on the junk pile.

1st Nov 2018, 17:21
I don't remember the exact bit but were you holding down the button to swim quickly before and after? I haven't had that problem when playing but could imagine swimming slowly might not leave Lara with enough oxygen.

9th Nov 2018, 07:49
Tried that many times but doesn't work