View Full Version : mac users ... no excuses anymore! Mac WAD Editor is out!

3rd Dec 2002, 15:59
Hi there!

Today I finished my WAD Editor for macintosh. You will find it on my website (http://www.maxgrafik.de/laracroft/).
Rather than letting one or two of you beta test it, I decided to release it for public beta test. So be aware of some bugs :D
Like to see a screenshot (http://www.maxgrafik.de/laracroft/images/toolboxscreen.gif)?

3rd Dec 2002, 16:06
Awesome job! I'm sure that all mac users will be pleased by your efforts.

Chris-Craig Michaels
3rd Dec 2002, 23:45
OK, this is embarassing, but I started yelling at the top of my voice "YES! COOL! AWESOME! THIS IS THE BEST! when I downloaded this. Thanks so much, maxx! This is great. I will let youy know more when I have used it!!!!!! :):):):)

4th Dec 2002, 02:10
Great work!

It's good to know there are mac tools for the mac users. Keep up the good work.:)

8th Dec 2002, 16:57
More updates:
McWAD • TexEdit can now edit *.raw files (specific level sky textures) ... just to keep you up-to-date ;)

22nd Aug 2003, 19:37
These are the first and only tools for TRLE I've ever seen for the Mac! Thanks so much! **jumps for joy** :cool: