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3rd Dec 2002, 15:00
What have you guys done, and what goals do you have yet to achieve?

For me the goals that i have achieved in the order that i have achieved them in
1) Beat the story mode in NORMAL - Complete
2) Beat BEGINNER arcade mode with at least BRONZE - Complete
3) Beat INTERMEDIATE arcade mode with at least BRONZE - Complete
4) Beat EXPERT arcade mode with at least BRONZE - Complete
5) Beat CHALLENGE mode with at least BRONZE - Complete
6) Beat the story mode in HARD - In Process
7) Turn all BRONZE into SILVER - Incomplete
8) Turn all SILVER into GOLD - Incomplete
9) Turn all GOLD into PLATINUM - Incomplete

Edited: By the way, in the poll you can choose more than one answer, but you can only answer the poll once.

Oh, and subtract one completed story in hard. I clicked on that one and shouldn't have.

jacque de la morte
3rd Dec 2002, 15:17
I have these goals:

1) finish Story mode on normal - COMPLETE
2) finish Story mode on hard - in progress (4 levels left)
3)Beat Arcade League, Beginner, at least Gold (all) - COMPLETE
4)Beat Arcade League, Intermediate, at least Gold (all) - in progress (1 left)
5)Beat Arcade League, Expert, at least Gold (all) - in progress (2 left)
6)Beat Challenge mode with at least Gold (all) - in progress

3rd Dec 2002, 17:16
I guess I'm pretty much done with the single player game, as my only goals are...

- unlock the site (complete game on hard - which I can't be bothered to do)
- turn all gold into platinum (46 gold, 20 platinum currently)

3rd Dec 2002, 17:34
i only have 5 silver and since i didnt see an option for silver, i just voted for all medals higher than bronze (though i have no bronze).

ive completed story mode on normal for the compound level and now im stuck on siberia hard....

3rd Dec 2002, 19:47
I am on Notre Dame on Hard
I have all gold or platinum on Arcade
I have all gold or platinum on Challenge

4th Dec 2002, 11:10
I'm definately not up to par compared to you guys. . . .
But this morning I got platinum on 'Bricking it'. :D Yay! (27.4 seconds)
There are some levels keeping me behind.
Namely 'Golem Guru', 'Nice Threads' (:mad: ) and 'But where do the Batteries go?'

Oh well. Guess I'll have to keep trying. . . . :o

Switchblade 69
5th Dec 2002, 12:00
teppic, those exact challenges were and still are giving me troubles.
i have gold on gg although and bronze on where do the batteries go? (9.56.1) lol:)

2nd May 2003, 14:50
I've beat the story mode on easy and normal and have worked up to NeoTokyo on Hard.

In the challenges/arcade mode I have mostly gold, about ten plats, one silver (R-109 Beta), and one bronze (Dam Bursters).

The one part of the game that I've barely touched is the MapMaker section. It looks pretty impressive and versatile, but I haven't taken the time to learn it yet. Maybe future posters can allude to their experiences with it as well.

2nd May 2003, 16:55
I've got ummmmm... EVERYTHIN :D

Just gotta get the Arcade awards and I'm done but I just bought zelda wind waker *faints* so I probably wont be playing TS2 any time soon :rolleyes:

Ab ^_^

3rd May 2003, 19:49
Ooohh.. Zelda... :)

3rd May 2003, 20:12
I'm up to Robot Factory on Hard.... And as for awards, I have 61 plat, and 5 gold! :D :cool: :D

Just five more to go.....

5 Gold
61 Platinum
- 97.6% Complete!
Arcade awards: 25
Top Shot best: 1:10.9
NGC-Elites ranking: 80th

3rd May 2003, 23:47
Uh....I've beaten story on easy.......................and completed 41.7% of the game.............*sigh* my secret shame........:(

7th Jun 2003, 20:56
ive done story on every difficulty

only have 18 golds to get and 1 silver i really hate terh clayh pigeon shooting challenge i really do

Everything else is complete

Hank Nova
16th Jun 2003, 09:47
yesturday i got to the checkpoint on atomsmasher in a reasonable time, so that the scientists could defuse the bomb. :)

Unfortunatly i had alot of trouble trying to defuse the 3rd bomb. i can defuse it but i tend to die shortly afterwards:mad:

17th Jun 2003, 19:25
Well I've beaten the main game on easy normal and hard and have all golds or higher on the challenges:D :D :D . All I have to play is multi all day long :D but I have no one to play with :( Just bots...

18th Jun 2003, 23:35
Some of you said you were having trouble with Golem Guru?
An easy strat for it (i got plat first time i played it) is to right away run to the Homing Missle Launcher (on a I-Beam in the corner of the level with the building, just run up the ramp, and then across the beam. Hit the so called guru with two 3 round bursts, make sure you have a clear shot before firing. This will take him down once.
Run to the life (on a pile of gravel to the right of the map if you are looking at the building and Homing launcher). And then pick up armor (opposite corner of map than that of the launcher). By now the launcher should be back, and go and pick it up and repeat 4 times. NEVER STOP MOVING, that is how you die.

29th Jun 2003, 18:20
i need help on all 3 'gone bannanas' acades. i got a bronze on the first and cant do the second. also i cant beat nice threads. the ****in **** i hate that one :( and i jus got a platnium on where do the batteries go. i used a good stratagy guide. heres the link if someone wants it: http://ts2strats.port5.com/plum/bwdtbg.htm

1st Jul 2003, 00:36
I am currently on Robot Factory on Hard (it's a difficult SOB, that's fer sure).

I have completed everything else with AT LEAST a bronze....mostly Gold medals though (with some platinum and silver scattered around).

I just want to see that "100%" completion percentage.....

3rd Jul 2003, 14:53
Im in the process of turning my golds into platinum... Its non too easy either... and reaper bot! I'm really surprised in you! 41.7%? tut tut! :D

10th Jul 2003, 20:06
99.7% done just got one silver to do

17th Jul 2003, 20:08
I have 15 plat. but of course I don't waste my time on it. Those are the scores I beat them to begin with. Maybe I should try sometime. So says Gravewizard!!!

9th Aug 2003, 08:42
I have:

Story fully complete on HARD. (Damn Atom Smasher bites.)
All arcade league gold or higher.
All challenges gold or higher
except: Sergio's last stand, Day of the damned.

They're bloody impossible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:mad: :mad:

10th Aug 2003, 17:57
yuo knwo i was one serigos last stand today i got liek 19000 point (compared to my pathetic 7000 i had before) i just ran around in a circle with no stratagy. i can still only get bronze on day of the dammed. Anyway i have all gold on amatur and honary leauge (and some plats) and all gold or silver in elite apart from nice threads....

21st Aug 2003, 01:51
I'am as half way as far as most of you I started of do story on easy. It was to easy except robot factory. In stead of playing it on normel i checked out arcade mode I'am on hoerary league (crudy hands All never look at mine the same way.:mad: ) Then I did challage stuff. the back to story mode normel. I'am on aztec stoped and checked ot the arcade custum. I played time splitters in phases. Now still playing arcade I think in a week all try aztec on normel. Last few things I have to say 1 bronze (rocket man, escape from neo tokyo, super fly lady). platinums Drum rule please 2! HUH HUH HUH! :( :mad: :eek: :rolleyes: :p to me. It is the gingerbread thing and the one with the bad ass cyborg 4 slivers and the rest gold! I did it out of order who gives!

23rd Aug 2003, 14:21
Originally posted by Muskrat
[B]I am currently on Robot Factory on Hard (it's a difficult SOB, that's fer sure).]

NAh i find robot factoy one of the easiest. Always use the scifi handgun for the chassis bots amd little turret guns. The greandes and auto rifle ammo for sentry bots. Lasrer gun for teh senrty bots and the spider bots if you run out of ammo. Only use the homing launcher for teh end mission.

Fighting the machinest get the homing laucncher aim for the eye thing in the middle fire them all the use ur grenades. watch out for the chassis bots that come. shoot them then just unleash every bullet u have on the machinest. DOnt stay in one place or u get ur ass kicked

24th Sep 2003, 22:00
Story mode in Hard - complete
Arcade Amateur - All platinums including Top Shot :)
Arcade Honourary - All platinums
Arcade Elite - All platinums
Challanges - All platinums

not bad going in my opinion

19th Jun 2004, 03:52
when i read some threads i feel like such an ameature. but reading some of these stories makes me feel like a freakin legend.

66 awards.
0 bronze
6 silver
41 gold
19 plat

up to Robot Factory on Normal.
i have plat on But Where Do The Batteries Go? (i just run through the damn thing)
and Gold on Nice Threads. hahahahaahah:D i think thats enough boasting for today. i'll be back tommorrow.:D

19th Jun 2004, 14:18
All plats but Top Shot.
Story Normal finished.

Sebastian Photon
20th Jun 2004, 22:01
40 plat, 20 gold, and all Normal, Easy, and Siberia on HARD

21st Jun 2004, 02:46
Yo i'm new to this forum but not to TS2, I've gotten 58 plats and the rest are gold. I've beaten the game on hard and I have 55 arcade awards. I only have 99% though............. The reason is because i'm missin 1 character and it's Sergio. I know you get him in Sergios Last Stand but here's the thing. I have a plat in that so I dont see y I shouldn't have him. So my question is, has anyone had this problem before and does somebody know how to solve it? Other then restart the whole game over again.

21st Jun 2004, 08:11
Hmm, I have completed all storylevels easy, normal and hard, got 61 plats, 5 gold and 1 silver award, and 48 arcadeawards, but still just 99.7%.


22nd Jun 2004, 02:07
hehe. im not even done with easy, and i only have 24%. But I like to take my time with games.

22nd Jun 2004, 08:12
Oh, but so do I. I'm playing TS2 for a year and a half now.


Sebastian Photon
22nd Jun 2004, 22:54
robin what do you have silver in?

23rd Jun 2004, 08:15
Day of the damned.
I know HOW I have to play it, but just can't get it right:(


23rd Jun 2004, 16:47
Originally posted by questrobin
Day of the damned.
I know HOW I have to play it, but just can't get it right:(


I've only got a bronze in that one. I to know what I have to do, I just don't want to. The zombies scare me. . .:( ;)

23rd Jun 2004, 18:21
Turn the music not too loud, but not completely off. Turn the brightness of your tv up a little bit. Should help.
If you get silver you can get gold with some practice, even plat is easy.

This reminds me: I'll have to get better scores on the behead the undeads. I'll do that this Friday (ah, vacation), tomorrow I'll spend the day on multiplayer.

The Machinist
3rd Jul 2004, 13:17
Ive finished the game in all three modes, all I have left to do is get 3 more platinums. Ill soon be there though - may scores are really close - like by 1 or 2 points.

Sebastian Photon
3rd Jul 2004, 15:48
I think I have 14 plats left including Hard ones and ones I hate...

Hard Ones- Top Shot, Scrap Metal, Silent But Deadly (1 second off!),

Hated Ones- Men In Grey, Dead Fraction, Nicky Jinki Bricky, Bags of Fun,

Ones I need to see a vid of- Monkey Mayhem!!!!!!!!!

Others- Stain Removal, and a few more

4th Jul 2004, 06:53
I am 100% done with 66 platinums.

Tez the Fez
4th Jul 2004, 20:53
For me the goals that i have achieved in the order that i have achieved them in
1) Beat the story mode in NORMAL - Complete
2) Beat the story mode in HARD - Complete
3) Beat CHALLENGE mode with at least BRONZE - Complete

I currently do not own the game and only play with a friend, i have however completed with him TS1 and TS2 on hard mode, we are now together working towards completing all of the challenges and stuff.

Sebastian Photon
5th Jul 2004, 16:28
Well you beat Hard Mode getting all Gold should be very easy. 30 platinums should be easy for you guys too... I have 52 plats, but have only beaten Siberia on Hard. I only tried Chicago 3 times, but still beating Hard Mode is hard...

14th Jul 2004, 00:00
:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: this cannot be, dear god no. Questrobin, DrkSnpr14 this cant be. you guys are my idols, i look to you in times of need, when things seem dark, you are the shining light. and you say you havent even got gold on Day Of The Damned. im dissapointed. even i, a novice has gold on that.

here comes the vanity.

anywho, this novice who has only had the game 2 months:
Story Mode Easy: Complete
Story Mode Normal: Complete
Story Mode Hard: Notre Dame (im gonna have another go at that today)

66 awards
Bronze: 0
Silver: 0
Gold: 30
Platinum: 36

I have plat in things i absolutely hate doing: BWDTBG and Bags Of Fun, also all of the virus, plus many more.

But i accept that there are people out there who can easily top my score, still i will hold my head high and walk out of here a proud man.:rolleyes:

as for questrobin and DrkSnpr14.... i forgive you guys, you 2 rock!

Sebastian Photon
14th Jul 2004, 02:28
Update: I have Easy Complete, Normal Complete, I am up to Chicago on Hard... I've only tried 3 times. I really wish I could skip right up to Atom Smasher because these other ones before are easily beatable if you learn how to do everything right... which requires retrying and patience which I usually don't like.

On Arcade League and Challenge I have 64 platinums :D
Only two left our Top Shot... hard, but I don't mind it and Fight of the living dead :( :mad:

I just today got Bags of Fun (11 bags) and two days ago Men In Gray. On my last post I had 52 plats I got up to 62 a couple days later, but all 10 of the plats came in 1 day! I got Monkey Mayhem, Big Top Blowout, Dead Fraction, and a few more. Anyways my Dead Fraction time now is a top 11 score at ngc-elites :D

Oh and evil_fairy the reason they don't have it is simply they don't like it. I am sure both of them could easily do it... but if you don't like it you shouldn't force yourself to.

14th Jul 2004, 08:16
i was just being stupid, i didnt actually mean what i said except the scores.:D i was just sarcastically blowing hot air.:rolleyes: i just enjoy 'talking'. lol. i respect anyone who plays this game, even those with 2% complete. or 1. just so everyone doesnt verbally abuse me ok.;)

Sebastian Photon
14th Jul 2004, 14:38
Don't worry I didn't care what you said just letting you know :)

14th Jul 2004, 16:19
but if you don't like it you shouldn't force yourself to.

Wrong. Practice makes perfect, and being perfect makes you liking it ;)

Sebastian Photon
14th Jul 2004, 21:36
Not always... if you are perfect at something doesn't mean you like it. And if no one is perfect why do we practice? < I just heard that randomly some where and found a way to use it.

Oh well this is a dumb argument :p

I beat Chicago on Hard :)

15th Jul 2004, 02:01
im soooooo close to beating Notre Dame. i can get to the roof top with reasonable health and armour but i cant even get near the boss, watever his name is.:( those stupid undead priests kill me on the spot. but im sure i'll beat it someday. and im gonna have to agree with Sabastion, even if you are good at something it doesnt mean you like it. but i also agree in practising untill u succeed.:)

Sebastian Photon
15th Jul 2004, 02:35
Hey I just got on Notre Dame today, I almost got to the Portal Daemon but got let on fire :D Anyways did the Priests cause you problems when you were fighting him or was it easy?

15th Jul 2004, 02:57
:eek: have you beaten Notre Dame already, or did you mean you got up to it? anyway there are a total of 3 flaming zombies in the level, to beat them i run to the bottom of the stairwell and shoot them when they come down so then i dont catch on fire. but for the Portal Daemon i used to have alot of trouble with it but i found out that if you just keep moving and kill the priests you should get through it alright. i also use the Lugers x2 for that part as they have more ammo to a clip and better auto aim. though i dont know why your asking me mister 54 in the ngc elites. im honoured :o :rolleyes: i havent put my scores on there yet, but i dont think i would rank very high. i'll probably do that sometime l8r. anywho thats my advice on ND. later

Sebastian Photon
15th Jul 2004, 03:20
Don't worry my 54 at ngc-elites has nothing to do with story and everything to do with Arcade League. Anyways I haven't beat it yet. The reason I got set on fire was because I accidentally ran into wall running down the stairs :D :D :D :D. Anyways hopefully using the lugers will work good I remember having problems on normal, but don't remember ever dying. I might have a few goes at normal because it helped me much with Siberia.

15th Jul 2004, 10:56
just aslong as you dont beat it before i do.;) im enjoying being ahead of an elite:D ive got a pretty empty day tommorow so i think i'll just work on ND.
btw. now im on
28 gold
38 plat

thanks for that site, it'll really come in handy because now i know what im working towards. later

16th Jul 2004, 04:27
Heh, I played Siberia on Hard the other day just for fun. I got all the way to the boss, and I even defeated it, but some guy got me with a grenade while I was running for the portal. Oh well, I am glad I have already beaten it. :)

That was just a first try, by the way. I am sure I could complete it if I actually tried.

Sebastian Photon
16th Jul 2004, 16:48
I would try and see how good I could do, but I don't want to. I beat it and it will never have to be beaten again. I might try Chicago again it's pretty easy. I can get to the club pass with full health and armor but I don't like attemting to snipe the snipers so I usually get hit once while running for the checkpoint.

17th Jul 2004, 00:40
:D i did it! i beat Notre Dame last night (seriously adding to my insomnia) after much experimentation and i mean MUCH. my problem was after i killed the portal daemon i ran out on to the roof only to have my ass handed back to me as swiss cheese. but what i found out was that when you kill the rooftop killers they dont respawn. aha. so you go out on to the roof untill they spawn and then lure them back inside and kill them as they come through the door, do this wave by wave until you get to Jacque and do exactly the same thing to him. after killing him if all goes right the portal should stabilize and you make the run for it. also as far as i can tell, splitters dont attack you whilst running for the portal. and there we have it.:D

17th Jul 2004, 00:46
by the way:
25 gold
41 plat

it should be 42 but i found that it was true about the glitch in the banana game, the one when your on fire, that if you dont get plat first time then it wont save your plat when you do get it.:mad: has anyone else come up against the same thing and their world has fallen apart. i dont want to restart my game for this one award because some of the awards i have i dont think i can get again. but now my score will forever be marred by this one gold. i got plat with 2.5 sec remaining, i dont know if thats good or not? but im soooooooo pi**ed off.:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

19th Jul 2004, 21:44
I have arcade league complete, challenge mode almost complete(I hate BWDTBG!!) and story im stuck on atomsmasher normal. Ive played for about 4 months and still feel like an amatuer compared to you guys. go figure.

Sebastian Photon
19th Jul 2004, 23:11
I've had the game since October 2002 and still haven't beat all of hard mode... infact I only beat 2 levels on it.

20th Jul 2004, 00:08
i got it April 2004 i think. i just never stopped playing, i guess thats how i got so good, but i still think of myself as a novice.;)

btw, did anyone read my article on how to beat Notre Dame, i put it there for you especially Sebastion.

i really dont know how everybody gets stuck on Atomsmasher, its one of my easiest levels.:confused: Shadowmonkey, tell me where you get stuck and i'll try and help u. ok. i always like to help:D see ya.

Sebastian Photon
20th Jul 2004, 01:16
You play alot like me evil_fairy (in story anyways) I agree Atom Smasher on normal was easy I had almost full health at the end. Get to the checkpoint with real good health and just strafe behind stuff and hit people from long distance. Use any skills you have from Guncon games (stuff like Time Crisis). For turrets just fire a grenade at it and get out of it's range.

I haven't got to Atom Smasher on hard yet, but I can simply bet I will have more problems with Robot Factory and Aztec Ruins. It will still be alot harder then Wild West, Chicago, and Notre Dame though and I am having problems with just those! Actually Chicago was pretty easy compared to Siberia, Notre Dame I just have ammo problems :D I got the idea though in the room with the maidens I use my fists a little, but then a maiden I couldn't see was being attacked by one little zombie and I didn't feel like restarting.

Oh yeah, I don't have problems with flaming zombies I just thought I was on the bottom floor too soon and ran into a wall where he caught me :D

20th Jul 2004, 03:33
I am up to Robot Factory on Normal on my second time through.

20th Jul 2004, 08:11
my friends always say "you have no life" and they are right.
unfortunatly i dont have any prior skills as i bought TS2 just after i bought a PS2 which was my first console. so i havent been gaming that long, except the odd strat game on PC.
i love playing the challenges and arcades but u r right about me playing the story alot, it seems to have more purpose. not to mention the fact that i was determined to unlock all characters.;)
the funny thing about story is things seem soooooo hard, but when you beat it, it seems so easy.:rolleyes:

for robotfactory, that one took me quite a while. you have to make sure that you have a lot of spare time, because you need to be extremely stealthy wich takes some time, just be cautious and you should be fine.:)

can someone plz give me some advice for Planet X Hard, i can get up to the first beach attack but i always get shot to hell.:( im sure i'll get it someday.:D

24 Gold
42 Plat
Honourary League entirely Platinum.:D

Sebastian Photon
20th Jul 2004, 16:03
Lol, I got Honorary League entirely plat when I still had about 14 left. I heard for the beach attack that you have to go to the middle turret and hit the guys coming from the left first and make sure that you don't waste all your ammo because you want to stay on the same turret.

20th Jul 2004, 19:06
lol, Time To Split was one of my ten last plats. I'm weird:p

20th Jul 2004, 23:35
I'm terrible at story mode on my own. Me and my mates steamrolled through it though, until we reached Atom Smasher on Hard. Fudge.

Do any of you play through Timesplitters 2 with friends? It's a fair bit easier.

21st Jul 2004, 22:03
Time to split is hard to get plat. i only just got it.:D

i play with my friends all the time, my best friend comes round every saturday. we love playing capture the bag in Training Grounds.:) im really tired (pulled an allnighter) so im not gonna say much. time to sleep. thanks for the advice for the Beach Attack. i'll try it today.

22nd Jul 2004, 12:03
Try this:

Assault - Training Ground - 1 shot kill - Luger pistol.
You and a mate on the attack.
No time limit.

Fun. Takes ages.

23rd Jul 2004, 10:51
thanks, i'll try it tommorow in my spare time:)

9th Aug 2004, 06:56
wooooooooohoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!:D :D :D :D :D :D
i just upped my score on simian shootout from 2160 to 4550!
i know alot of people probably have it but its a big deal for me, i had been sitting on 2160 for months and today i was just messing around on it getting stuff like 750, 1400, 1960 and then suddenly i got 4550:eek: i almost fell off my seat. anywho, thats my piece.:D

Sebastian Photon
9th Aug 2004, 17:43
That's actually a solid score even at ngc-elites. Try for 6000 it's pretty easy if you get the most of the final combo. Do you stand on the ledge by the bell?

9th Aug 2004, 20:20
after getting that score i went and signed up to the elites.
i tried standing in the tower but it didnt quite work for me, so i stand slightly behind the fountain.

im not showing up on the rankings, it just sez 'NEW!':mad:
how long does it take to get loaded in?
did you know that the 1st 'CP' is a New Zealander. Represent.:D

13th Aug 2004, 22:32
i have a question.
yesterday i topped my best score on chinese burns from 1min 40x to 52.8sec but i didnt get any points for it on the ngc-elites, the weird thing is you dont get points if your score is above 1min 04 sec. can anyone offer a solution? or does it just take a while?

The Skeletor
14th Aug 2004, 16:14
Not as good as you guys scores, but I have had 4 PS2's playing on the LAN option, using 4 copys of the TS2 games, (Not burnt or modded) Five PS2's will not work, the 5th seaches for a game server, It takes the first 3 others after the host starts and thats it. No matter what order they are in.

15th Aug 2004, 01:32
it has been a dream of mine to play with 4 ps2's you are SOOOOO lucky, i dont know if i could get together 4 people with ps2 and ts2, my only friend who plays ts2 has an xbox.
keep trying with the scores, ull get there.

23rd Aug 2004, 08:00
how do you get a plat.on the monkey level?!it's like impossible!

26th Aug 2004, 08:44
i hate those!

26th Aug 2004, 10:47
what monkey level?:confused:

26th Aug 2004, 11:19
Complete Story mode on Easy
Complete up to Robot Factory on Normal
Complete all Beginner Series with Gold or Platinum except Burns Department (Silver)
Complete all Honourary Series with Silver or above
Complete all of Elite Series with silver or above EXCEPT BLOODY NICE THREADS!!!!!
Complete all challenges with silver or above
51 arcade awards
81.7% Complete

And... NEVER PLAYED AS THE MONKEY! That's the best in my opinion.

27th Aug 2004, 02:14
your going well. good work:)
i dont want to put u down but i can never pass an opurtunity to brag. hehe.:D

everything in arcade and challenge: Gold or Plat (mostly plat)
beat story mode easy and normal.
up to return to planet X on hard.:D

27th Aug 2004, 02:36
where is the honor in cheating?
how can you enjoy the thrill of the hunt if your prey is already dead?
keep trying, i believe in you.

(PS2 is sooooooo much better.hehe.):D

27th Aug 2004, 09:53
I don't mind been put down if you've done that well evil_fairy.

27th Aug 2004, 11:58
im not trying to put anyone down (except gamecubes) i just act like a bit of an a** at times, i have such a freakin massive ego that i cant help bragging, i apoligize:) its just that ive finally found something in life that im good at. yay:D

27th Aug 2004, 12:14
Don't worry. We won't hold it against you, it's nice to see people do well.

28th Aug 2004, 02:30
its nice to meet people who dont get offended by small things:)
yes, all in jest.:D *cough* ps2 rules *cough*

28th Aug 2004, 14:42
*cough* 100% correct *cough*

Oh. I've now got all platinum,gold or silver except 4 challenges and I just completed normal mode.

28th Aug 2004, 21:40
i think there might be some down the barrel of my 12 gauge, take a look would you...:D

29th Aug 2004, 01:59
:D good call. You are fun to talk to.

29th Aug 2004, 07:43

29th Aug 2004, 22:49
is cogitised even a word?
what are you talking about? lol

31st Aug 2004, 18:24
No idea

Reaper Splitters Rule!!!
1st Sep 2004, 13:30
Hey Everyone I'm New Here And I'm A TimeSplitter Vetaren ;)
I've Completed Story Mode On Hard And I've Got At Least Gold In Arcade Leugue And Challenge And i've Got 28 Platinums My Hardest Platinums i Got Were Nice Threads...+Golem Guru.....+Where do The Batteries Go?...

Reaper Splitters Rule!!!
1st Sep 2004, 13:37
Hard Mode-Complete
I've Got 28 Plats

1st Sep 2004, 16:48

3rd Sep 2004, 12:19
Originally posted by El-Spaz
What have you guys done, and what goals do you have yet to achieve?

I can't believe that any of my old threads are still alive! :eek: :D

Since my file was corrupted recently i haven't done that much. I beat the story mode on Normal in both individual and co-op modes and am working on Hard again. I've beaten all of the arcade mode battles with at least silver, but i haven't touched challenge yet. The challenges were always more of an annoyance than fun.

Originally posted by evil_fairy
can someone plz give me some advice for Planet X Hard, i can get up to the first beach attack but i always get shot to hell. im sure i'll get it someday.

I don't know if you're still working on this since you posted this 2 months ago, but here's what i did.

When you get to the clearing run up to where the 2 heavy machine guns are together. Go up to one of them, when shooting the aliens shoot the guys coming from one side of the pillar then turn and shoot the guys coming from the other side. If you do it right they will respawn in a pattern that you can keep up with...

kill all on one side, turn just in time to kill all on the other side, turn just in time to kill all on the first side, turn just in time to kill all on second side...

Keep this up till you run out of ammo on that gun then as quickly as you can switch to the other gun and repeat. It takes a few tries, but it works.

general greivous4
6th Nov 2004, 12:33
I have beaten the story on Normal so far, and I have started going through the levels on hard...and they really are hard.

I have completed quite a few challenges and have earned myself some bronze as well as silver awards, but I still need to gain more and try and complete the challenges.

8th Nov 2004, 04:49
I have gotten at least a gold on all of the challenges in Challenge mode and Arcade mode. And I'm stuck on Atomsmasher on Hard (beat everything else).