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26th Oct 2018, 05:05
I am dirt poor, but invested in your creation, passionately clinging to the Survivor Lara despite short-comings, transcending the mundane and acknowledging these games as the great epic tales they are -

A loyal "consumer", "fan", whatever, just blown away now...

I spent HOURS UPON HOURS OF HEAVILY INVESTED TIME, hours of my life never capable of being regenerated, meticulously doing EVERTHING "RIGHT", idealistic to the max, perfectionist by nature, and as soon as I reach the Hidden City in Croft Edition Shadow, ALL OF MY "CROFT EDITION" ITEMS, ASSOCIATED CONTENT AND EVEN MOST STANDARD GAME ITEMS (conservatively, 95% of all outfits and weapons, etc.) ARE SURREALLY REMOVED FROM MY DISPOSAL IN TOTALITY, as if never existed; the statistical tracking is schizophrenic, my completion percentage goes from 35% to 2%...? WHAT? I don't give a darn about "Achievement" ego-tokens, but the game is ruined, shredded - what am I supposed to do, please tell me as a consumer and fan, please? How was this morally, legally, or in any other sense, lawful or tenable?

I started the game only a short time ago, (ostensively) updated with the latest patch.

I do use Xbox One (S) - is that relevant to this chaos? Has this patch #4, correcting the disorder, simply not gone out to Xbox console users yet...? How is any of this explainable...? I do not even know what "STEAM" is, and don't care. All affected consumers of your product, deserve equity and ethical treatment.

I am almost dizzied literally that such unprofessionalism could somehow slip into things - how did this happen?

Truly, the reward for my loyal consumer fan orientation, is to be ill-served and DEFRAUDED out of the blue, for WHO KNOWS WHAT REASONS, by the company I still yet hope, hope to believe is not purposely initiating corruption or malfeasance as artistic creators and as a corporal entity...

What is happening, may I ask, please? How is a hysterical response from a committed, diehard fan not to be expected, seriously? What is happening with the overseeing staff, the game-engineer/design staff, to where such a thing can even happen...? And by a momentary glance at the forum, this issue is apparently virulently widespread in different forms and no patches as yet are helping.

If the parties are innocent in intentionality in this and in due time indeed fix whatever madness was allowed via a patch effectively (the sooner the better), I am more than forgiving. But if this is a problem that is just going to be cynically left to rot away and defrauding the consumer base is considered acceptable even remotely, serious problems are going to exist.

All I want to know is that the creative game staff are moral and professional, and are at least working on this problem - I am not a monstrous despot, but a tragic nonentity whose loyalty to your idea and product, was rewarded with this type of mischief and unprofessional conduct... Please some one in the official staff community, let me know there is at least an ethical effort to address this unjustifiable chaos... Please...

Do you know how long I had to save my earnings as a lower-middle-class proletarian for your Croft Edition...? I shall stop here... This is pitiful...

26th Oct 2018, 05:22
I apologize for my tone. I do not apologize for expressing my sense of understandable disorientation, disillusionment and frustration; and I do not apologize for asking and expecting ethical conduct. If this is a temporary misstep or mistake, I more than forgive the creative nuclei -

just devastated, speechless here; all the hours, I even took notes on paper note books as if a school-child, so idealistically, systematically, naively, trying to enjoy the new iteration and its vision, the new aspects, in every way, having nothing but good will in my heart; everything, now, annihilated into nothingness; in shock, almost... how am I supposed to react and feel when the passion, investment and energy of countless hours, belief in your company and idea, is awarded this surrealistic situation?