View Full Version : Unable to aim in hidden city

26th Oct 2018, 04:46
On Xbox one. A few things are suddenly happening in Hidden City. Please let me know if anyone else has been experiencing.

- on the map Hidden City is now just Location Unknown when highlighted
- my arrow unable to aim
- says two challenges left when only one

26th Oct 2018, 07:13

There are a couple of points where it looks like the map thinks the Hidden City is Location Unknown, I seem to remember that so I'd suggest it's not a problem.

Weapons can't be used in the Hidden City but holding aim zooms the view. There is a particular kind of situation, though, where she draws the bow.

There are six challenges to complete in total; are you stating that you know you've done five but the game thinks you've only done four?

26th Oct 2018, 12:50
So yes, done all five challenges and the last one is changing the weather. I have one last shot and that challenge will be complete but when I draw my arrow or try to to knock down the emblem, she does not draw her arrow but only a white dot appears. I have taken her to other areas and she can draw the arrow just fine.

In maps when I highlight the area it says location unknown as it does when at the beginning of the game and you are starting from eithe continue or load. It never used to do that .

26th Oct 2018, 14:27
Oh, okay, not sure what I can say there, I'm afraid! The only thing that occurs to me is that maybe there's a sixth one that isn't part of the challenge? I can't recall the locations, I'm afraid. Perhaps try reloading an older save or back-up save and going into the city again? Good luck.

15th Nov 2018, 20:16
Ok i had the same problem on xbox one x, if you aim... i mean put the dot on rope and fire, then she pickup the arrow and goes down but you must put the dot on the rope! If this doesnt happen you must begin from other save like me! I hope not! Also i must ask if the game freezes and must restart it, cause this also happens to me when i read a mural or when i find survival cache! Now, is downloading one more update i hope for the fix! Also i noticed at the end that this is old post, but maybe help others... :)