View Full Version : Indus Valley Level- What is in a really good jungle level?

Chris-Craig Michaels
3rd Dec 2002, 06:23
What is in a really good jungle level?

I am working on my India jungle levels, based in the Indus Valley. I am using a WAD made by TR Freak, and its really cool (thanks:)). So far, I have just built a little bit of the jungle, and the tree-top entrance to the temple and (further on) sacred river. I am open to new ideas, since I am still regarding this level as something to play with, to just have a good time! It may never be released. We'll see.

Anyway, does anyone have things that they would really feel were good in a jungle level? I mean, what would you love to see? Anything you don't want to see?

3rd Dec 2002, 08:52

I like to see a Temple, ruins, God statues, Big Waterfall and river, Trees With light shinning through, leaves and branches, Lighting. Plenty of old type trapes and puzzles and some baddies that look in character.

I am edditting the Ankor level with some of the above changes and it looks really good.

3rd Dec 2002, 16:10
Basically what prj said.
A few blue rooms (cause of lack of sunlight) might look nice.

BTW did you get the wad that I sent you? (with the cross item)

3rd Dec 2002, 17:32
It would also be cool if lara could go into the trees and there would be some sort of puzzle in the branches.... lots of jumping from tree to tree.... that is what i am planning for a part in my level that i am working on..... although its in a greenhouse type of building in antarctica

3rd Dec 2002, 21:50
River's are great in jungles, especialy onw with a fast flowing current right through the level to her death. And lots of plants and secret areas to.

Chris-Craig Michaels
10th Sep 2003, 04:23
Well, looking over this advice, I seem to have fulfilled it all. I want to get some good camera angles in, but I am not very good at it.
Do people like levels that do not nessesarily point them a particular direction? TR3-ish, I mean, where you can go anywhere you want, really, in no particular order, and still get the job done?