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2nd Dec 2002, 17:14
Why does the trapdoor work sometimes and other times it freezes the game when triggered? Does it have something to do with how you place the trapdoor, i.e. if you put it in the room above/room below, or place it on the ceiling/floor and then lower/raise it?

I have used the same trapdoor two or three times in a level and they work fine and then I add another and it freezes. Is there a limit to how many trapdoors in a level? Although I don't think this can be it, as I have found only one trapdoor can cause problems. There must be a reason. :(

2nd Dec 2002, 18:34
Thats because you can only place it on stacked rooms, to make it work you have to go to the above room and place the trapdoor on the black door square in the map view

2nd Dec 2002, 21:46
Additionally can be said: For . . .

1) "Normal trapdoors" (TRAPDOOR1, 2 and 3)
They must be placed on the ceilling (exactly), where a door to an upper room is.

And the trapdoors Lara opens without any trigger:

Must be placed on the floor above a door. If it's placed on a real floor the game crashes even when loading only.


3rd Dec 2002, 09:03
Thanks guys but I'm still confused - Disco Fever says the trap door must be placed in the room above and Malte says on the ceiling of the lower floor (it's the normal trap door I am using btw). :confused: I suppose the best thing to do would be to experiment with it.

3rd Dec 2002, 10:20
If you search the forum, including the old forum, you will find many threads like this one from people who put the trapdoor on the floor. I suggest trying it on the ceiling.

3rd Dec 2002, 13:44
I think it actually doesn't matter if you place it on the floor or on the ceiling, (for trapdoorsX) as long as the trapdoor is placed on a portal cause all "my" trapdoors ever needed to work was, that being placed on a portal, I could be wrong though...

3rd Dec 2002, 14:27
There is a reason to put the trap door in the ceiling of the lower room.

If you place the Trapdoor in the ceiling, when you are in the lower room and the trap is opened you will see the trap door hanging from the ceiling.

If you place the Trapdoor in the floor, when you are in the lower room and the trap is opened you will see the trap door hanging from the ceiling only if a door with the upper room is displayed. This means that the hanging door will appear and disapear depending where is looking Lara. This is a "mistake" quite frequent also in Top Levels.


5th Dec 2002, 20:36
Right - I think I have found the answer, or rather the person who came up with the solution was Mulf. Well done Mulf. :)

As AKTrekker suggested I searched the forum and then did some experimenting. I put four trapdoors in a level, the first I placed on the floor and raised to the ceiling. The second was placed on the floor and then moved along the floor over the portal. The third I put on the ceiling and moved across the ceiling over the portal. The fourth I put on the ceiling and lowered to the floor.

All four worked perfectly. No crashing at all.

I then opened up the same level in the editor again and raised or lowered all four trapdoors one click. All four caused the game to crash. Therefore as Mulf says you can place the trapdoor on the ceiling or the floor but it must be exactly level with the portal, not one click up or down.