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2nd Dec 2002, 05:22
scroll down a little till you see a big green message:)

2nd Dec 2002, 09:22
it'll probably be like 500mb anyway, so I can't download it with isdn!

2nd Dec 2002, 10:05
Originally posted by David
Luke emailed pyro fe days ago and what he got is:

"Hi Luke,

Thank you for contacting us and also for your effort working on sites related to Commandos.

Unfortunately we will not have available materials for Commandos 3 until February. There will be a playable demo, although its release date has not been decided yet. Our policy is to avoid working on exclusive basis as much as possible, as for us the most important thing is to show the best artwork and screenshots rather than producing a lot of 'not so good' materials to fulfil the demands of exclusives from on line and printed press. I'm sure you will understand it.

In any case, we will be happy to provide you with the materials you may need once they become available."

Looking good. Especially the part that they don't give exclusive materials to sites and press.

p.s. David, you can posts information about C3 in the C2 forum

2nd Dec 2002, 11:21
Thye only say material will be available in Februari, the date for the demo is not known yet, also i think the demo will most likely be something between 100 and 180 mb big.

3rd Dec 2002, 05:38

is The "luke" Yakkalot ?

Good news though :)

5th Dec 2002, 16:05
originaly posted by Greenhalg

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your mail regarding Commandos 3.

Rest assured that Commandos 3 is well into production and will be releasing
next year. Watch this space for more info in the New Year.

Hope that answers your question. If you need any more info please drop me a

according to this transcript there will be some info for Cristmas.

5th Dec 2002, 16:07
Originally posted by ragsy

is The "luke" Yakkalot ?

Good news though :) Yakk's name is Luke also.But it was another one-from CTF :rolleyes:

12th Dec 2002, 06:08
Nah, different Luke, the yankee luke, with the polish name :)

12th Dec 2002, 16:20
yeah,his real name is Lukasz