View Full Version : If you have a SharkPort or X-Port? Then check out my site for hosting custom maps.

Tim R
2nd Dec 2002, 00:30
Just updated the site all the links are active now, there is a message board for comments and map reviews. There are lots of sites where you can download pictures and instructions on how to build a map but this is the only site with sharkport and x-port files of saved maps files. You just download, put it on you memory card and play, no lengthy rebuilding of a map. This way the story maps are like new levels and a new experience.

If you make story maps and have a shark or x port, then send me your maps and i will host them on this site so others can download and you can even get feed back on yout maps via my message board. This could be a really cool site if enough people get interested.


2nd Dec 2002, 04:18
hmm... intersting.... how does this Sharkport and X-port work exactly? :) sorry if this is a silly question, but I have never heard of either. can you please direct me to a website that has some infomation on both? thank you! :)

Tim R
2nd Dec 2002, 13:10
Its lets you transfer files from your PS2 memory cards to your PC hard drive through a USB cable. The X-Port is the PAL (or British) version.

Info for SharkPort here. http://gear.gameshark.com/objects/373521.html

You have to search if you need the X-Port.

MapMaker Monkey
2nd Dec 2002, 13:50
I am unable to join in this venture because I do not have shark or x-port but this looks very interesting and useful so it has been stickified in the hope that map sharing increases as a result. :)


2nd Dec 2002, 15:13
any chance of a gamecube version - you can get a usb memory thing for gc to

2nd Dec 2002, 16:52
theres this thing that connects gamecube to pc...

(its not official, but neither are sharkport or anything)

Tim R
2nd Dec 2002, 17:30
If Game Cube people want to get involved I would be happy to host Game Cube versions of maps. (until I run out of space) but I am having a hard time getting ANYONE interested in this. The SharkPort only cost 30 bucks and theres other stuff you can use it for.

3rd Dec 2002, 03:52
I heard sharkport corrupts files. I wish TS2 was like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 where you can just make a park, take it online and skate with people in it, and even post your parks for download. Poor ts2....they never realized how convenient internet capabilties can be.

Tim R
3rd Dec 2002, 03:54
I agree they really dropped the ball when it came to the potential of this game.

So far I have not had any problems with my SharkPort corrupting files. I got the SharkPort 2.

3rd Dec 2002, 09:16
if they did corrupt files would it only effect files on the memory card? cos if it does then only keep maps on it so you wont lose anything to important

3rd Dec 2002, 12:36
Originally posted by portachio
if they did corrupt files would it only effect files on the memory card? cos if it does then only keep maps on it so you wont lose anything to important

or you could make a backup file. Every time you create a new map, just back it up. Only takes a minute or two to copy across.

Tim R
4th Dec 2002, 01:26
OK, I did an update, added some info on how to organize your SharPort/XPort files, and other important info. Also restructured the site a little abit and added a file for you XPort owners to download with 5 maps from Broonie. 2 story and 3 multiplayer.
Check it all out when you get a chance.
AND PLEASE use the message board to leave feed-back. You don't have to register just click the "POST" link in the upper right.

Tim R
5th Dec 2002, 04:21
Hello everyone, I just completed an overhaul to the site and replaced the zip files I had with zip files that contain actual working SharkPort and Xport files of each map pack. I only have two so far but maybe they will start pouring in soon.
Be sure to check out the new “News/Updates” section for important info on converting SharkPort to Xport (and vice versa) and the message board as I have attracted the attention of Code Junkies magazine with my unique and ground-breaking site. ;) I also posted a review of Broonie’s map pack so check that out as well.

5th Dec 2002, 15:28
Originally posted by Tim R
I have attracted the attention of Code Junkies magazine with my unique and ground-breaking site. ;)
wow! Maybe you'll become the official sharkport/xport website ;)

Tim R
5th Dec 2002, 16:23
I don't know about that but they are going to pronote me a little bit.
Also got an interesting bit of info. Interact is no longer distributing SharkPort in the U.S. so soon the U.S. version will be XPort too. That will make life a lot easier to only have one file format.
Of course there will still be a lot of old SharkPort users out there. :(

6th Dec 2002, 01:42
Hi Guys, Today I've uploaded some of my maps and email them to Tim R to be included on the site. Should be available soon!! Here are the descriptions/mood-setters....

1. VR Tower - Deathmatch and Bag-Tag
2. Sky Fortress - Story
3. Too Tense !! - Story


1. VR Tower

Use the VR Tower to practice your Deathmatch and Bag-Tag skills in tight areas.


2. Sky Fortress

Typical! On your way back to base your time crystal falls
out of your cockpit and lands precariously on the balcony
of a passing space station - the Sky Fortress. In a
valient effort to get it back you land on the bow of the
space station. Unfortunately, after your last battle
you're only armed with a sniper rifle and your temporal
uplink. Teleport your way inside and use your skills to
retrieve the crystal. Our scanners suggest that the hatch
that leads to the crystal is on the opposite balcony so
be prepared for a space walk. Remember, there are
mysterious aliens hot on your tail also looking for the
crystal and will do anything to stop you!


3. Too Tense !!

This is a simple "steal and return" mission. Fight your
way through the secret laboratory and get the data disk.
Little is known about this complex but we suspect there
will be both human and android security. We'll drop you
off in a dead-zone of the complex - the basement. You
have 8 minutes. Oh... did I say "simple" ???? Oops!


Tim R
6th Dec 2002, 03:28
New map pack by Ninja Jedi (A.K.A. Count Zero) and the 2 story maps that are in this pack are really good. Anybody who wants to see what this mapmaker is capable of should go download and play these maps as soon as possible.

6th Dec 2002, 09:30
they sound great.
I have 2 questions though.
1) is sharkport or xport in anyway compatible with gamecube?
2) if 1) is no, then does anyone have anyidea if that thing from japan would do pretty much the same stuff?

theres this thing that connects gamecube to pc...

(that thing)

Tim R
6th Dec 2002, 13:26
That looks like a self contained memory sotrage uint. I don't think it transfers to your PC.

Tim R
7th Dec 2002, 17:16

A brand spanking new update to the site has been done. We now have FOUR mission packs, each one has a SharkPort AND an XPort file so anyone, anywhere can play the maps.
The newest pack is another one from Count Zero (Ninja Jedi) and is another great example of the great story maps that can be made with this map maker. Check them out they are sure to inspire you designers out there.

7th Dec 2002, 17:18
If you own a Sharkport/Xport then point your browser over here... http://ts2maps.8k.com/
My latest mission pack has been uploaded for your enjoyment with 3 story missions.

1. Immortality - Story
2. Assassin-8 - Story
3. Fact Hunt - Story


1. Immortality

Back in 2012 scientists discovered a way of making humans immortal. This secret was first used on soldiers, then politicians. When funding on the project started shrinking they started selling it as the latest and ultimate "cosmetic surgery" to celebrities for millions. "Keep your youth!" they said. It was a closely guarded secret until 2015 when an informant leaked the information to the press causing a huge revolution. The general public felt they had a right to live forever too. In 2020, after many wars, it was finally made available to the public. Now in 2076 our world is being suffocated with overcrowding, poverty and crime.
We're sending you back to 2012 to find the scientists files. We've located the only disk in a military bunker under high security. Steal it and get out. Good luck!


2. Assassin-8

We have been informed that Sgt Cortez and Corp Hart are double agents. They've just left in their ship to deliver some zombies and to make a deal with the timesplitters. You'll be teleported into their cargo hold. Find Cortez and Hart, ill them, disable the controls to their ship and get outta there. We'll arrange a time portal to appear just outside the airlock in the cargo hold.


3. Fact Hunt

Mr Big is a fond collector of ancient artifacts. But then so are we!! Break into his mansion and steal the goods. Whilst you're there, Mr Underwood is packing explosives for his next adventure so destroy as many crates as you can find.


...Remember, you can submit your reviews for levels in the message board section of the map. If you haven't got a Sharkport/Xport they can be bought here ... http://www.codejunkies.com ... there's still a couple of weeks to go until Christmas so give your loved ones/parents a hint.

14th Dec 2002, 04:33
So I can use either Sharkport OR xport with my ps2? If so, I will buy an xport very soon, and I suggest everyone else do the same. C'mon, only 30 bucks, and you can play all the maps you want! I for one would be very excited to share my work with you guys, even though I know you'll steal my ideas ;) Just kidding. I want to make some slight suggestions for your site...if you don't mind.

Less text on front page....Just something like "This site is for Timesplitters 2 owners with a Sharkport or Xport. The purpose of this site is to let you guys swap maps and share your work. See what others think of your maps, tell others what you think of theirs, and have fun!" Then have info, instructions, and tips in their own seperate sections. The front page could be used for the news/updates section. Just some suggestions that I think would make the site easier on the eyes....and you've got to do something about that banner. Heh, alright, that's all, but hey, I would love to help you work on the site, I could make a nice little banner anyway. I think your site has alot of potential.

17th Dec 2002, 12:24
It's funny you should mention that. I'm working on a few ideas for the site layout at the moment. I promised PsychoJiggalo (Tim) that I'd have something to show him last weekend but it's been so hectic here what with Xmas around the corner. I also know that PJiggy is going away for Xmas (I think that's what he said) so updates will be slow at the moment. Hopefully the site will have a full facelist early in the new year, we'll keep you posted.

Also, me and PJiggy have looked at getting a banner free website but that will cost money and we're waiting for momentum to pick up. And we wanna have a proper fully moderated forum like here at Eidos so people can discuss ideas, review other peoples maps etc. Obviously the interest is there but we'll have to wait for more people to get their Xports/Sharkports to join in. Remember, you need an Xport if you live in the UK or a Sharkport if you live in USA.

Tim R
17th Dec 2002, 12:53
Thanks for picking up my slack, Zero. I had ment to reply to that last post and forgot.

Yes you can use either one but check out this bit of news I got from Codejunkies:

"Datel has ceased distributing in the US via Interact and instead is releasing the Xport as the Xport over there. You can download the US Xport software from: http://www.codejunkies.com/downloads/xportv2uswebinstall.exe

Obviously this software is 100% compatable with the PS2 Shakport disc, after all it was simply a name difference. The main issue this presents though is that the US Xport software uses the .xps extenstion just as the UK version does, .sps is soon to be redundant extension."

To make a long stroy short, just a get an X-Port.

Yes I will be gone the week of X-mas but twork on the site should start back up after the first of the year.


6th Jan 2003, 21:46
Just a short announcement to say that the new look website is almost complete. If you're curious to see what it looks like so far here's a piccy of the homepage...


..if, on the other hand, you wish to keep the eliment of surprise then look away now :D (in other words, don't click on that link!!)

The new site will have no pop-ups, no banners and a discussion forum (pretty much like this one) as well as a new stylish design. We'll let you know as soon as it's ready, folks!

Tim R
11th Jan 2003, 21:18
We have SharkPort and X-Port files of custom maps ready to download and play. Please check out the newly redesigned site at its new address. http://www.angelfire.com/games5/ts2cma/

Update your links and send us your maps so the whole world can play them!

Unfortuneatly, the site does have pop ups but you can kill them with Pop-up Stopper. download the free version here and never be bothered by a pop-up again. http://www.panicware.com/popupstoppercompare.html

16th Jan 2003, 17:20
Our site has undergone a few updates. New sections of the site are open - added the links section. If you'd like to us to link to your site then let us know....providing you put a link to ours :p

TimeSplitters 2 - Custom Map Archive (http://www.angelfire.com/games5/ts2cma)

24th Jan 2003, 10:26
cool i might end up getting one.

Tim R
26th Jan 2003, 17:22
Added a new map pack to the maps page http://www.angelfire.com/games5/ts2cma/maps.html from our newest mapmaker, J Lowlife 78. “Whole Lotta Maps” contains 6 story maps and 8 multiplayer maps. There is enough here to keep you busy for quite awhile. One of the maps, “The Matrix” is actually a clever recreation of the lobby shootout from the movie using the Virtual tile-set. Some creative work can be found here. I must warn you, some of the story maps are quite challenging but Lowlife adds a good bit of humor in his mission briefings and his maps are a lot of fun to play.

Hopefully we will see more maps from him in the future.

11th Mar 2003, 16:16
I don't have an X-port yet,but I'm planning to buy one.If you already have a TS2 map file on your memory card,do you have to owerwrite it?If yes,it has to be transfered to PC then:(

16th Apr 2003, 17:02
I was looking for an X-Port in the stores and they said they didn't have a shipment yet, I live in the US how did you get them???


1st May 2003, 13:52
Have any of you guys used these USB memory adapters for PS2 (http://www.lik-sang.com/info.php?category=78&products_id=2360&) as well as gamecube (http://www.lik-sang.com/info.php?category=78&products_id=2350&)?

****Also, Nintendo has an adapter coming out in June that will allow you to use a standard SD card for gamesaves.:D You can then just use an SD adapter to plug into your computer's USB port (or you may have an SD slot on your printer or digicam.)****

Now we just need someone to write a file format converter for GCN / PS2 / XBX.


****well, forget that idea. I just read this on IGN:

"The bad news is that the SD Cards cannot substitute for standard Memory Cards because games have to be specifically programmed to make use of them. Therefore, older software will not work with the storage devices, as much as gamers might prefer to transfer all of their data to the larger-sized media."

1st May 2003, 17:41
Originally posted by spanks

Is it just me or does that make it sound like Free-Radical hasnt done enough for us and they owe us somehow :confused:

Ab ^_^

1st May 2003, 18:00
You're right. TS2 would be an excellent game even if Free-Rad didn't include the mapmaker at all. However, they did include it ... so why not do a bit of support work for it? Changing the format of the map files for each console would probably only require the file headers to be modified. I'm sure someone at FR could write a routine for it in a matter of days (if not hours).

If they wanted to be really generous to us, they could support map file uploads/downloads on their website. There's something in it for FR too ... more hits on their site, and establishing that TS2 is a game with HUGE replay value.

7th Jun 2003, 12:59

Tim R
23rd Jul 2003, 11:03
I don't have an X-port yet,but I'm planning to buy one.If you already have a TS2 map file on your memory card,do you have to owerwrite it?If yes,it has to be transfered to PC then

You can only have one custom maps file on a memory card at a time, but with the xport you can save them all on your PC.

24th Sep 2003, 18:10
Originally posted by Tim R
You can only have one custom maps file on a memory card at a time, but with the xport you can save them all on your PC. What!? On the gamecube you can have as many maps as will fit on your card (125 maps on a memory card 251).

Has anyone compared ps2/xbox/gc map files on a pc to see if they can be converted? How about PAL vs NTSC ... are they the same?

Have any of you guys used the usb memory card (http://www.lik-sang.com/info.php?category=0&products_id=2360&) for PS2?

13th Jan 2004, 09:32
I have the downloadable map that came on the Official PS2 mag's disc last month that was designed by one of the Free Radical team.

To be honest it took me about 10 minutes to beat the Story mode but it's still a cool map.

I could x-port it to your site as long as I don't get into trouble for it.

6th May 2004, 17:52
Sorry, to have joined this discussion so late. Especially for our GameCube owners and fans of the GC TS2 game.

Like the above mentioned sites we are the number one map sharing site for "GC" TS2 gamers.
It might not look it when you visit the site now, but we were actually started for TS2 map sharing. We've now grown to cover all GC games.

I introduce you all the NGC-FS community at http://www.gci.net.tc/ feel free to join.

To exchange GC TS2 maps you might need to get this card: http://www.lik-sang.com/info.php?products_id=2359&lsaid=227358

But if you already own a copy of PSO and a BB Adapter you can download this free software to transfer saves to and from your PC/GC: http://www.gcdev.com/download/ctr-gcs.zip

I'll make a new topic on this after.

Regards, Dave


23rd Aug 2004, 07:55
what the?.....that's a freaky picture

26th Aug 2004, 07:32

dark tom7
30th Jan 2006, 16:31
Someone please tell me when i make a map how do i get it so it will let me do a proper story on it witout doin prewew map please help thanks. Ps i made a great zombie lab leaval but story wont work HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!