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1st Dec 2002, 21:29
What internet connection speed do you have?

Here's a hint from me :)

Hint 1: I AM A GOD!
Hint 2: What's this "lag" i keep hearing of? :rolleyes:
Hint 3: It's starts with a "C" and ends with a "able"
Hint 4: (you gotta be kidding... :eek: )

1st Dec 2002, 21:33
Someday I'll have a real life, and a Net connection that reflects it. Till then, it's 56K all the way... Blah... :o



2nd Dec 2002, 03:56
i still see some 56k ppl out there. but (here anyways) hispeed internet is very affordable. depending on which service (bell or rogers), its only a few bucks more per month, they all have packages.

Rogers has a "digital cable" and "internet cable" deal for like 50 bucks a month.

I think Bell has a deal with either a phone package or their satelite system and high speed "dialup" internet.

Rogers is a TV Cable company which expanded in cell phones, it also has movie rental stores (like blockbuster).

Bell is the "phone company". they own the phone lines. But you can choose a seperate services (i think we only have Bell and Sprint). It has internet, phones (cell and home plus lots of those fancy addons like call waiting) and has a satelite system.

2nd Dec 2002, 06:15
$50 a month?!!

Wait a minute......Canadian to American dollars.......Jeez, that still sounds like a good bit of money.:eek: Maybe I didn't do the math right...:o

Anyway, I'm stuck with the Net service I got with my computer when I bought it. I'm under contract until March. Then I'll probably jump ship and go for something better. Actually, I don't really mind 56k at all. Maybe if I had a superspeedy connection to begin with, and then switched to 56k it would be torture, but as it is, the load times and stuff don't bother me at all.


2nd Dec 2002, 22:18
I'm a big downloader. so 56k isnt exactly convinient :)

3rd Dec 2002, 06:56
I'm a big downloader, too. If anything I download involves a lengthy wait (which, with my connection, is just about everything), I just go off and play some Playstation till it's done. Maybe if I was sitting here watching the download percentage crawl up to 100% it would be torture. But if a download is gonna take an hour, I've got better things to do.:D

4th Dec 2002, 01:47
what i used to do is download a download manager (i use GetRight) and add all the downloads to the list and download it during the night.

Usually, I had 1 or 2 downloads left (out of 40+)

4th Dec 2002, 07:49
Not quite that big a downloader.:eek:

I'm more of a big downloader of lots of very small things--like fonts. I have hundreds and hundreds of them. Weird ones, too.:D

4th Dec 2002, 17:53
I used to had lots of fonts like startrek ones (Klingon writing, etc..)

Then I removed em cause I never had any use for em.

5th Dec 2002, 06:49
I just started collecting fonts for no real reason awhile back, then I started using them to make sigs and logos and things. I don't honestly use most of them though. Kinda like the way I collect massive amounts of animated gifs, even though I don't really do anything with most of them either. :o


Thought about using this one as a signature some time ago, but it's really annoying to look at after awhile. The subject was appropriate. It's a Rook. :D

5th Dec 2002, 23:10
lol. nice gif

ooooh. im really a god now. only 1 person (me) voted for cable :)

3 others have a 56K.

I would lol so hard if someone voted for option 1 :D

6th Dec 2002, 01:31
Bow to me. I got cable. :D

6th Dec 2002, 01:48
Would u look at that, its my son, Hercules :)

Say hi to your father, Zeus.


throws lightning towards 56k's

Mwahahahahah! in an evil tone


6th Dec 2002, 08:39
Originally posted by DKSM
Bow to me. I got cable. :D

Show off! :p

All hail the 56K gods, for they teach us patience and, above all, they impart the blessing of short naps whilst downloading. http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/schlafen/schlafen015.gif

***gets cracked by one of Defender/Zeus's lightning bolts***

:eek: Yow!! :eek:

6th Dec 2002, 19:24
looks around for the God of water

Damn it. We dont have a god of water do we? :mad:


I could stand my 56k buts its during the "busy hours" (which appeared to be always) that were murder.

I went to one of those sites that tests your computer and gives u the report, my 56K was acting like a 28.8...

Now thats bad!

7th Dec 2002, 08:04
Originally posted by mrdefender
looks around for the God of water

Damn it. We dont have a god of water do we? :mad:


Poseidon, Oceanus, Glaucos, Nereus, Triton, Amphitrite--and those are just the Greek ones! Pick a water god, any water god.;)

I used to study mythology like a lunatic. Can you tell?:D

I've never really had any experience with a faster connection, so it doesn't really bother me waiting a little longer for stuff to happen with the one I've got.:)

7th Dec 2002, 18:10
hmm.. which one should I choose? :)

I remember studying Gods (hercules) in English 8th grade.

7th Dec 2002, 22:05
Unless you wanna get even more specific. Then there's Njord (Norse sea god), Dylan (Welsh sea god), Ahto (Finnish sea god), Manannan (Irish sea god), Waruna (Balinese goddess of oceans, seas, rain, etc), Llyr (Irish/Welsh-Celtic god of water and the sea), the list is almost endless...:eek: :)

I never took any classes in school that taught this stuff. I wish I had. I almost took Latin (part of which involves learning about all the Greek gods). I just studied all this wacky stuff outside of school. Then I started making up my own mythology. You ought to see some of the weird beasties I've come up with.:D

8th Dec 2002, 01:36

no thanks :)

I'll stick with the 3 headed dragons or the cyclops.. :)

8th Dec 2002, 01:49
But what about the three-headed dog? ;) :D

8th Dec 2002, 03:48
saw that in harry potter 1 :)

Its called fluffy :)

8th Dec 2002, 04:19
Well, I was thinking of Cerberus, but I guess Fluffy works, too.:D

8th Dec 2002, 21:14
talk about a name for a 3 headed 10x the size of a human .. dog.

I was shocked when Hagrat said its name. (hagrat is the wierd dude. He's not a teacher, he's like the grounds keeper)

hey hey hey!! Who voted for 14.k??

Someone out there uses 3.1!!!! :)

8th Dec 2002, 23:29
I thought Hagrid was just another wizard, too...a big one... I liked the little dragon, though.:D

9th Dec 2002, 06:29
the dragon was cool :)

Dumbledore/Dumbledorf is the master wizzard/teacher at the school.

He's dead :( (died of cancer :( :( )

They want the wizzard from TLOTR movie.

(lord of the ring)

9th Dec 2002, 06:50
Which one? The guy who played Gandalf (Ian McKellen)?

Edit: Apparently I misspelled his name...:o

9th Dec 2002, 16:48
Yah. The wizzard that supposedly died in the movie (he fell into a somewhat bottemless pit... which, obviously, made everyone think he was dead) is set to be the next Dumbledore/dorf

10th Dec 2002, 09:54
Well I guess, when you've already played one wizard, it's not much of a stretch to play another.:D

I just got through watching Harry Potter (the first film, I mean) for the second time. It's a good movie.:)

10th Dec 2002, 20:30
At the end of HP1 he kills voldamort and in the HP2, he kills him again... :/

Voldamort was a student at em. I forget the name of the school. Its the one where harry goes..

11th Dec 2002, 08:49
Well, I guess I don't have to see the second movie now...:rolleyes:


Actually, I thought he just killed Professor Querrill at the end of the first movie and Voldamort's spirit (or whatever you wanna call it) actually got away. So it's not much of a surprise that he got to "kill" him again. The question is, did he actually die the second time? I mean, as in, did he look like there was a chance he'd be back the third time around?:)

11th Dec 2002, 21:52
After the first movie, I thought he was dead dead. Like never comming back (silly me..)

the 2nd one is his memory and he sends out this snake thing to kill non-pure wizzard (those who have "human dna" (both or 1 parent is human). to regain his body or whatever.

12th Dec 2002, 07:53
Well, now I really don't have to see the second one.;)


So was the second film as good as the first, or better--or should I just save my money?:)

12th Dec 2002, 21:14
depends if u like spiders or not :)

The 2nd one was good, but i was freaking out at the spiders. There were as big as in (em.. parden my french) Eight Legged Freaks (though I didnt want to see the movie and i didnt, but i saw the previews) and like the spiders at the end of Jumangi.

I liked the fact that HP actually had a room in the 2nd one :)

Its a good movie. But it is "scary" (not like scream or Jason X or stuff, but scarrier than the norm of a kid movie). Cause of the spiders. That and it has snakes in em (not the teacher Snake but snakes as a reptile... well.. the teacher is in it too :) )