View Full Version : ATTN: Those with CS&P outfit

1st Dec 2002, 20:29
If anyone of you happen to have my Catsuit&Ponytail outfit, I would greatly appreciate it if you sent it to trnut86@wi.rr.com. I believe that it is the only file that I lost when my site was deleted.

BTW, Catsuit you PM box is full :D

2nd Dec 2002, 20:18
You have mail. :)

And, ummm yes, I have been told it's full....sorry! Lazy Cat! ;) :D

You can always use my email, silly. ;)

2nd Dec 2002, 20:22
I tried but it said that you wern't accepting any emails.
Thanx for the email. :)

3rd Dec 2002, 13:23
Not that email. That email! :D

The forum email doesn't really work, you know....I emailed xcom once through it, and he says he never got it.

I meant my real email. ;)

And it's me who thanks you! :)

3rd Dec 2002, 15:47
Originally posted by CatSuit&Ponytail
I meant my real email. ;)

I cleaned out my inbox/sent items box a couple of days ago so I didn't have it anymore. :D