View Full Version : Hi!

1st Dec 2002, 20:07
Hi! i am new i would like you to treat me like a lifelong friend please.

Just so you can treat me nice!

1st Dec 2002, 20:43
I beat my old friends with sticks, so i'll pretend your newbie :)

Hello and let me formally welcome you to Waystation Zeta Plural MK II :)

Here you can find technical help and all sorts of communty projects such as RPG's and amateur mods.

We are always glad to see new members arriving as our community has started to twindle.

Have a nice time :)

Meddling Grey
2nd Dec 2002, 01:31
Well alright, if you insist.

<Hands Guererro a cup of water with laxatives in it>

The ya go, hope that helps. :)

2nd Dec 2002, 19:22
Oh! mnnn! aaaah!

Guererro runs into nearest waste disposal unit

aaah......thats better!

13th Dec 2002, 14:44
how could you do something like that to him? how!? tell me! I want to know! how did you do that to him before Ghyron did? did you beat the master of all evil to a prank?

hmmm, maybe i should start taking notes on meddling grey instead of ghyron, i think ghyron is loosing his touch. it is a long hard road to becoming the master of all evil, and i plan on going all the way!!