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1st Dec 2002, 15:36
Perhaps other members would be interested to see how your working station looks like, and what computer you use to run TR Level Editor. I start the game :


The computer is a old NEC Pentium 233 Mhz, RAM 96 Mo (a luxury some years ago), HDD 3 Go, OS Windows 95.
(I also have a small PC with Windows XP, but it cannot be used for Tomb Raider : As soon as Lara pulls-out her guns or jumps into water, everything freezes and I have to reboot).
The sleeping beauty is my beloved Japanese dog Ivy. :)

1st Dec 2002, 22:07
I am to embaressed to show my Computor ;) but I would show my 2 dogs if I had a scanner They are Purebred English Bullterriers :D , everyone says they are ugly and mean but They are neither :)
Very afectionate and I thin cute :)


1st Dec 2002, 23:26
BTW, I forgot to tell you that sometimes Lara come to play on my computer :


1st Dec 2002, 23:37
She must be stressed Ale, take a look at her fists clenched tightly :D , and your poor dog, it looks as though the leg of the chair is sitting on its head.....................

1st Dec 2002, 23:56

Kurtis Trent
2nd Dec 2002, 01:18
lol!! Good one Ale!:D I dont have a scanner or digital cam or anything, otherwise I would show.:(

2nd Dec 2002, 01:49
Originally posted by Data
She must be stressed Ale, take a look at her fists clenched tightly :D

"Is that what I look like in-game? Ick! This is disgusting! Ale, be a dear and fetch me some red wine."

"Oh my, I can't do that!"

"Gracious me, I would never scream that loud..."

"That's not what the dragon looked like..."

"These graphics are quite impressive might I say, however a bit too graphic in some of my features...errr... exaggerated maybe?"

2nd Dec 2002, 03:37

10th Dec 2002, 22:47
here's my cluttery desk


under it is a 1.4 Ghz AMD with 256 MB DDR RAM and way too less harddisk space, running smoothly on ME


10th Dec 2002, 23:07
Hmm, and if I am not mistaken, an image of our very own Marsoa; Dr watson..... what more could any man want..... indeed :D

And the notice board to the left. I would hazard a guess that this contains many moderator reports and banning lists. :D

Hmm, I believe I will attempt to an image of my (coff!) workstation alcove............. watch this space.

10th Dec 2002, 23:27
Here is the space I share with dhama. This is where I probe the forums, create levels and process psychological profiles, and my brother composes his music.


11th Dec 2002, 01:59
and this is my crappy notebook... this thing can't open trviewer, pixstr... and strpix 3.82 and 3.9 crashes every minute saying cannot draw window context etc...


Oh and my messy table with walkers lol (see one of them is being eaten)

12th Dec 2002, 21:47
Originally posted by Data
She must be stressed Ale...................

12th Dec 2002, 21:50
Originally posted by Chronicles5
Lara: "Is that what I look like in-game? Ick! This is disgusting! Ale, be a dear and fetch me some red wine."...


TR_Exe V4.3 (http://alainlecomte.free.fr/TR_Exe.zip) 314 Ko
TR_Prj V2.0 (http://alainlecomte.free.fr/TR_Prj.zip) 262 Ko
TR_Wad V1.3 (http://alainlecomte.free.fr/TR_Wad.zip) 396 Ko

12th Dec 2002, 22:05
You should see my Notebook Geckokid, it will not run anything TRLE except for Metasequoai........ The amusing thing is, Metasequoai will not run within acceptable parameters on my brothers PC. :confused: :D

12th Dec 2002, 22:53
This is my work area.


The main computer (on the right) is a home built PC running with an Athlon XP2000+ processor, twin-headed through a Matrox Millennium G550 card, SoundBlaster Platinum, DVD Rom and CDRW.
The secondary computer (Tower unit hiding behind the chair) is also home built and has a 900MHz Athlon, ATI Rage 128GL graphics and SoundBlaster 4.1 Digital sound
Also in the picture are an old Tandem EP 4/66, a Compaq ProLinea 4/33s and a Viglen VPC 386.
There are 3 more PC's in this room all networked to two servers. :o
I also have a homemade standalone PC in my frontroom running a 1.2GHz Duron and Creative NVidea TNT on which I play and create TR levels.

Does this qualify me as a thoroughbred geek? :D

12th Dec 2002, 23:11
Originally posted by staticon
...Does this qualify me as a thoroughbred geek? :D

Affirmative professor. ;)

12th Dec 2002, 23:22
wow staticon you have such many stuff! :D love it~

@Data sorry about that....

but being unable to use pixstr/trviewer/animation editor etc that involves opengl (i think since strpix 3.8 works very well but not the newer ones) is already really frustrating and THERE IS NO OTHER COMPUTER I CAN WORK WITH! lol

13th Dec 2002, 01:11
Here is my extreamly mess workspace ;)

<img src="http://trstudio.geckokid.com/Files/workspace.JPG"></img>

13th Dec 2002, 21:05
Originally posted by bob5
Here is my extreamly mess workspace ;)

Oh, how I dream of that degree of tidiness in my work area. :D

Wee Bald Man
13th Dec 2002, 22:20
I do most of my work on this machine:


This is my 800 revs per minute single tub processor Servis M 3800 with Round Windows 98 and 1950s TV interface. It weighs 73 kg (160lb) approx. Has a three core power cable cable (including earth) and is 13 amp (BS1362) ASTA approved.

The motor is 250 watt and the pump is 34 watt. It is capable of hot and cold fill, and gentle spin. It is able to effectively remove ballpoint ink, beer, blood, chocolate, coffee, chewing gum, candle wax, dyes, eggs, grass, gravy, grease or oil, ink, rust, lipstick, mildew, milk, nail varnish, paint, perspiration, rubber, scorch marks, soot, tar, tea and wine.

It also has four adjustable feet. :)


13th Dec 2002, 22:46
You must still have a problem with the missing 'Sox'; with their polymorphic content and embedded documentation...... :D

14th Dec 2002, 20:09
Here's mine:

Lara often visits my house, like on the photo.

17th Dec 2002, 11:59
LOL :D good pix everybody, especially WBM, that seems to be one of the fastest and hardest working machines I've seen :D :p

staticon, any thoughts to clean that up in the future? :D I wouldn't mind having so many computers though...

mine's pretty messy, I'll be getting my own digital camera for christmas and you can see mine :p

18th Dec 2002, 12:52
Mr. Holmes, you are sharp as always, don't ever loose that ;)

Originally posted by Wee Bald Man
I do most of my work on this machine:


lol, nice one!

hmmm....I wonder what those pants coming out of the machine are covering up..... :D

18th Dec 2002, 14:31
LOL....that's Lara trying to escape out of the washing machine (or parts of her anyway, she got caught up in the spin cycle, the poor dear).

Bob, that is so tidy, *tuts* a mess indeed lol you should see mine. I'm envious of Staticon's pic hehehe if I had the room, I'd have my other computer up and running :D I've got one other comp on the floor, another dead monitor, books everywhere....its a right mess.

Phabius P. Phodes
23rd Dec 2002, 23:33
Hey Data!

I like your TRITON Rack synthesizer shown in your picture! Nice instrument!
And I like the BOSS BX6 mixer too! You know this was my very first mixer!