View Full Version : Is there any way to get a Falling block to fall faster?

1st Dec 2002, 12:34
G'day mates,

Is it possible? I tried setting the trigger timer to -10 and -100 but to no avail :( is there a OCB to get them to crumble faster than they do. I know that entering 2 into the OCB makes it stay solid.

Will it work if I set the dummy trigger to the tile preceeding the Falling block, or must it be under it?

Also can I chang the Load screen for when my level starts up? I have Changed the Co.ords. in the script but this seems to only affect the load screen on the way out, after I die hehe. ;) Those two Egyptian statues staring out at me, are starting to give me the Creeps, not to mention nightmares hehe I digress.

I would try a few things out but it is way past my bed time (10:30pm hehe), and unfortunatly I got to go to work tommorow so Gdnight all.


1st Dec 2002, 12:44
Not wishing to keep you in the dark Mushroom :D , you could only make them faster if you perhaps deleted every other animation frame, however I do not know if this is possible.

Since the original load screen is from the title, you need only change what you see in the title scene.

Dan the Jazzman
1st Dec 2002, 17:31
I don't think it's possible. They don't actually have a crumbling animation it's... I daren't say it- ("H" word).

1st Dec 2002, 21:59
Originally posted by Data
Not wishing to keep you in the dark Mushroom :D ROFLMA

Bummer on the Falling Blocks question but ahwell, Such is life, as Ned Kelly said. will go and change those Title Co.Ords. and get rid of those pesky statues ;)

Cheers mates

1st Dec 2002, 23:39
Every Animated Object in TRLE can be speeded up in animation Editor.........for the first test try putting a number in the "speed" box

1st Dec 2002, 23:52
Thx Ten Chen I will have a play around and post my results:)