View Full Version : Avengers game MUST Have's

19th Oct 2018, 00:48
1. Cross Platform Across All Consoles & PC.

2. Open World Story With Optional Co-Op up to 4 Player.

3. Cannot Be a Console Exclusive Under Any Circumstances. Must be on Xbox, Playstation, PC & Nintendo.

4. No Season Pass (do not split the playerbase).

5. Do Not Base the Game Around Microtransactions... infact avoid them at all costs...
Battlefront 2 & Shadow of War fell to this problem....
Red dead 2 may have this problem if its just a copy of grand theft auto in the wild west.

6. Have a Companion App Or Linkable Mobile Game.

7. Full Budget graphics... like tomb raider quality graphics.

8. Plenty of Story DLC Playable in Co-Op.

9. Give me a job so I cannot let fhis become yet another sub par marvel game