View Full Version : Avengers game MUST Have's

19th Oct 2018, 00:48
1. Cross Platform Across All Consoles & PC.

2. Open World Story With Optional Co-Op up to 4 Player.

3. Cannot Be a Console Exclusive Under Any Circumstances. Must be on Xbox, Playstation, PC & Nintendo.

4. No Season Pass (do not split the playerbase).

5. Do Not Base the Game Around Microtransactions... infact avoid them at all costs...
Battlefront 2 & Shadow of War fell to this problem....
Red dead 2 may have this problem if its just a copy of grand theft auto in the wild west.

6. Have a Companion App Or Linkable Mobile Game.

7. Full Budget graphics... like tomb raider quality graphics.

8. Plenty of Story DLC Playable in Co-Op.

9. Give me a job so I cannot let fhis become yet another sub par marvel game

8th Apr 2019, 16:55
Why Not Also Make an Online Only Seperate Battle Royale Game Where You Join a Lobby With 100 People, Everyone Chooses A Hero Or Villain Then You Spawn In... But Make it Full Budget Give Plenty of Maps You Can Vote For in The Game Lobby.... Would Be such An Epic Take on A Last Player Standing Style Game