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1st Dec 2002, 01:23
My moms computer at work crashed. They used Window's 98. They tried to fix it, but nothing worked. I had Windows 98 on mine, 466 processor, 256 RAM, GeForce2....I gave mine to them just out for convenience. Moms boss said she would buy me a new computer for my act of kindness.....get home and find a new HP with 2.4 GHZ Pent 4, 512 MB RAM, 80 GB harddrive, 15" FLAT screen monitor.:D Going to save up some cash and get a new GeForce something, maybe the new one, maybe a 4, who knows. I am psyched. I havent been able to playt some of the huge FM's that have came out, cause my Computer couldn't hang. I called my moms boss a few times to double check if she felt comfortable spending this much to replace a computer, and she said yes more than once...called it a business expense. I think I got a good deal, no?:p

Shadow Creepr
1st Dec 2002, 01:36
Congratulations Common, what a deal for you. Do they need another computer where your mom works? I'll lend them mine and they can replace it with one like yours!

1st Dec 2002, 11:39

What FM are you gonna try first?

1st Dec 2002, 16:39
Talk about an upgrade! That was a steal!
Going to save up some cash and get a new GeForce something, maybe the new one, maybe a 4 ...Just stay away from the MX versions.;)

1st Dec 2002, 19:16
Oh, and keep in mind that not all flatscreen-monitors are good to play with, cause of slow screen-updates (mhz).

Sounds like a beast of a machine, even better than mine! ;)

1st Dec 2002, 23:00
"Instant karma is going to get you" {/john lennon} ;)

Nice one: what goes around comes around - though usually not this fast, and with less processing power!

As LeatherMan says, avoid the MX versions of the GeForce cards. Some of the ATI (Radeon) cards are tasty too. There's some good gear out there now, and not ridiculously expensive...

<i>Bravus takes the excuse to stop working and wander off to www.pricewatch.com... Hmm, the cheapest GeForce 4 Ti4600 (top of the range) there is $210, though you may want to spend a little more to get it from someone reputable... The Radeon 9700 Pro (current world champeen) is $310, but the 128 MB Radeon 9000 Pro is only $95. Here's a review of the Radeon 9000:http://www.overclockersonline.com/index.php?page=articles&num=150 and here's one of the Geforce Ti4600: http://www.explosivelabs.com/reviews/leadtek_ti4600/</i>

1st Dec 2002, 23:36
Wow...thats great Common!!

What goes around really does come around every once in a while!
Good for you.

...but are you allowed to go into your moms work and copy your Thief saves back at least!!??!!?? Or maybe your mom will become a Thief addict like the rest of us now. ;) :p

Look out....here comes our newest member..... Momofcommon.
Has a nice ring to it no? :D

1st Dec 2002, 23:38
Ill look into the cards, I didn't know they were that inexpensive...actually thought they were much more. I think Ill try Hallucinations. Thats the one where Garret is sick, right? I started it, and it was great, but I almost threw up because of the choppyness of the play (because my computer wasn't tough enough.) The flat screen is cool, but I see where it could be a downfall. Seems that if you view it at different angles, you get different colors and textures. I also dont like this optical mouse. Not as smooth as the mouse's with the ball(imho). Oh well, I GUESS ill have to adapt:D

1st Dec 2002, 23:45
I already saved all my Thief stuff. I really doubt she will become a thief-ette. Whenever she has come over to my apartment, and I have been playing, she HATES the sound of someone being BJ'ed!

2nd Dec 2002, 01:03
I think I'll try Hallucinations.

Good call there.:D

2nd Dec 2002, 10:31
Wow, nice one.

2nd Dec 2002, 14:31
That's awesome Common! You sure pulled out an ace there. I'd love something like that. Your old rig was better than my current one, so if you think you were feeling like you were in the stone-age, then think again!!! :D

I know EXACTLY what you mean about the optical mice. The ball mice just seem to be so much smoother. I've expressed my opinion about it to other people and they think I'm nuts, so it's good to see that there's someone else out there who agrees with me. ;)

2nd Dec 2002, 18:34
Hi Guys

Just a quick comment on optical meeses. I had the same kind of problems when I first switched, but am much happier with them now. The problem is that when you're skilled with a ball mouse, if you want to give yourself a little more room (i.e. you're running off the side of the mouse pad), you just lift the mouse a fraction so the ball's not on the ground, move it across a bit and keep going. You probably don't even know you've done it.

With an optical mouse, of course, lifting it a tiny bit means the laser and camera can still 'see' the mouse pad, so Garrett's view goes left when you wanted it to stay straight. The cure is to just lift the mouse a tad higher when you correct its position.

It's one of those things you have to think about consciously when you first start, but which quickly become second nature. I'm currently re-playing Half-life with an optical mouse at home and it's perfectly intuitive...

And of course, optical meeses don't get dirty balls (ooo, errr!) and start stuttering mid-firefight! So my opinion is that it's worth re-skilling to use an optical mouse, but YMMV.

See ya,


2nd Dec 2002, 19:07
I switched to an optical mouse about 6 months ago and could never go back to the old ball type. They are much lighter. You don't have the ball rattling around when pick it up and put it down again. (like when you need to keep circling around an enemy in a combat situation.)

I never experience a problem with it still reading when lifted. I don't have to lift it as far off the table (I never use a pad) as I did when I was using the old ball type. The optical I have (just a plain old Microsoft wheel mouse) will quit if you lift it about 3 milimeters. I guess some are different though.

Oh well, each to his/her own. Just passing along my experience.


3rd Dec 2002, 08:24
I guess I'm old fashioned but I still prefer the feel of a "balled" meesie...in fact there's very few of the newest mice that I would even care to switch over to! Too many buttons...don't feel right in my hand, etc. So as long as they continue making simple two-button wheelmice...I'll be very content sneaking about :D Ta and Good Hunting! (Just my 2ยข's worth for whatever's ;) )