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30th Nov 2002, 20:43
Maybe interresting for making enemies. I've been playing around with the sas changing state ids. I changes the state id from the gun firing animation to 999 and played the game. He was still firing his gun, but without the gun flash and lara won't get hurt.

The bad news is that the state ids are not the same for all objects. Enemies armed with a gun can use state id the same stateid for firing then the sword enemies use for attacking.

Another thing, I've been playing with the quad bike and snowmobile items and noticed that some meshes has hardcoded effects. The moterbike slot has 3 wheels that will rotate using hardcoded animations (based on the speed) and 1 mesh that is only visible if the bike is started (the light on front of the bike). And also a few meshes that are only visible if you are braking (the meshes with the brake light on the back).
I also played with state changes and state ids and noticed the vehiles do use state ids and changes, but ONLY on the VEHILE_EXTRA object. The information from the bike itself are ignored. I've added the 'go backwards' animation to the quad bike, but it did not work very well (lara was flying around until I released the key, then the bike went back a bit).

30th Nov 2002, 22:33
Interesting information. I was wondering if you would be interested in researching a way to get the mummy die by the motor bike. Also, information about Von Croy and how he relates to other enemies would be appriciated. (Note: I was also wondering, if Lara shoots Von Croy, upon his next triggered movement, he'll only follow Lara. Would it be possible to change this so that he will continue on without any interuptions?)

30th Nov 2002, 22:46
I do not know if killing the mummy wiht the quad bike is possible. With the animation editor you could addthe die effect on the last frame of the mummys animation of when he gets shot backwards with the shotgun. This way when he gets shot backwards he will die and disappear like a normal enemy. I think it would work. I have not tested it myself though.

30th Nov 2002, 22:54
Thank you Cornchild, I will test your suggestion. (as soon as I figure the animation editor/trviewer out)

30th Nov 2002, 23:05
I will write a tutorial on making an invincible enemy destroyable.

30th Nov 2002, 23:18
That would be very much appreciated. I'm curious, how would I get an item to shatter if triggered? I'll PM you with details if you need more informaiton.

30th Nov 2002, 23:23
Im not sure how you would have an object shatter when triggered. However, there may be an anicommand that does it. You would have to look at an object form a tr that shatteres when triggered like those birds in trc the ones that lara turned and pieces shattered off of them.

30th Nov 2002, 23:51
Here is a mini tutorial. If you have any more questions you should read the tutorial on my website about the animation editor it is about using a meshswap with the animation editor, but it still has some good information.

30th Nov 2002, 23:57
Great Info Guys,I will add the relevent bits to my data log :)


1st Dec 2002, 00:55
Thank you for your efforts cornchild. I believe I will suceed with this task, maybe I will be able to give back to the community in the future because of your help ;) .