View Full Version : Need a quick answer- Uzi holsters don't work

Dan the Jazzman
29th Nov 2002, 22:40

I was just wondering quickly about the Uzi holsters- in my level when she puts her uzis away they just seem to disappear into the holsters instead of sticking out a bit like they should? But then I can't remember it ever working right in TR4 anyway...

I don't think it's possible which is why I didn't do anything about it, but I was just thinking.... My level is coming out tomorrow, if I can't do anything about it then I won't worry too much. The shotgun looks okay when it's on her shoulder so I'm not too upset anyway :)

Although if anyone knows how to work this then could you please let me know.... now! Many thanks!

29th Nov 2002, 23:14
I don't believe this has been accomplished. I have never seend a wad hat has it working yet.

29th Nov 2002, 23:28
I dont know either. They have never appeared in in the holsters in my wads either.

Your level is coming out tomorrow. Cool!:)
(I hope the download is not to big.)

30th Nov 2002, 02:16
Mine work just fine, hmm... odd...

Alias 56

30th Nov 2002, 12:32
The Uzis have never worked for me in the holsters too. I even tried to replace the pistols holster anim with the uzi ones to see if the "object" itself had a fault in it and it still didn't work.

But if you mean that your shotgun is wafer-thin ( that is - missing a mesh from it's part, the wafer-thin shotgun came together with the wads Core gave us.) I have uploaded a TR4 shotgun anim on my site (http://www.geocities.com/eTux_lv) in the wads section. :)

30th Nov 2002, 17:54
I never had working ones. Even not if I use the original wads.