View Full Version : Programs Needed!!!!!

Miss Croft
29th Nov 2002, 20:29
Is there a program where you can edit WADS. You know, like changing the mesh and re-texturing it? I'm pretty sure there is one! Help anyone???

29th Nov 2002, 20:51
StrPix3 :)

29th Nov 2002, 21:11
you use Strpix3 to retexture and Metasequoia to edit meshes

Miss Croft
30th Nov 2002, 19:11
Thanks (I think I have that but can you change and retexture on it, I could do with some sort of guide for it)

30th Nov 2002, 19:51
Look in the TRLE Faq and Community for a tutorial that I created on meta. I'm almost positive there is a tutorial already created on how to change textures.

Miss Croft
30th Nov 2002, 19:55
I can't find Meta anywhere to download! Anyone got a link for it, or could you send it me? My email= staciwinters@hotmail.com

30th Nov 2002, 19:59
It's in the Faq and Community ;)
Anyway, here's the link http://www1.sphere.ne.jp/mizno/main_e.html

Miss Croft
30th Nov 2002, 20:26
K thanks! Got it!