View Full Version : How can I use a keyhole more than once...

29th Nov 2002, 16:36
Ive got it working so I can open a door with a keyhole. I want to be able to open and CLOSE, the door as many times as I want to, not just open it once and have the key not work on the keyhole anymore.

29th Nov 2002, 17:54
There are some things in custom levels that only work once, and I believe this is one of them.

29th Nov 2002, 18:24

29th Nov 2002, 22:21
Any key placed in the last KEY_ITEM slot (the 12th, I believe) will remain in Lara's inventory and can be used as many times as you need it. (Of course you'll have to provide a corresponding KEY_HOLE12.)

30th Nov 2002, 22:28
Yes, KEY_ITEM12 will remain in your inventory after using, but it works only once with one KEY_HOLE12 (so you can use such a key as often as there are KEY_HOLE12s in your level). So that's not the solution and I'm sure it's impossible :( .