View Full Version : Train Level!

29th Nov 2002, 16:08
I found out how to make a train level! but I need the complete prj with textures and wad to make it work! I cant find these things anywhere! can somebody help me out here? :(

29th Nov 2002, 16:22

Use the tut from http://www.leveleditor.com/

Matt created a great tutorial and should have all files you need.

If the site is not working for some reason I have saved the page and files and created a very short prj.

30th Nov 2002, 00:29
HI there! :)

Yes you can get the files at my site which annoyingly is down at the moment because there is a file created by the server which is huge that I can't delete which uses nearly half my webspace limit, and so I have gone ovet the limit becuase of this, not my fault and totally annoying :mad:

I'm fairly sure the site will be back up on the 1st December, as the file is automatically deleted monthly. Sorry about the problems, I have complained about it.

30th Nov 2002, 13:04
Problem has been sorted, site will be up all the time now :)